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Princeton's WordNet

  1. coquette, flirt, vamp, vamper, minx, tease, prickteaser(noun)

    a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men

  2. flirt, flirting, flirtation, coquetry, dalliance, toying(verb)

    playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest

  3. chat up, flirt, dally, butterfly, coquet, coquette, romance, philander, mash(verb)

    talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions

    "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries"; "My husband never flirts with other women"

  4. dally, toy, play, flirt(verb)

    behave carelessly or indifferently

    "Play about with a young girl's affection"


  1. flirt(Noun)

    A sudden jerk; a quick throw or cast; a darting motion; hence, a jeer.

  2. flirt(Noun)

    One who flirts; especially a woman who acts with giddiness, or plays at courtship; a coquette; a pert girl.

  3. flirt(Verb)

    To throw (something) with a jerk or sudden movement; to fling.

  4. flirt(Verb)

    To jeer at; to mock.

  5. flirt(Verb)

    To dart about; to move with quick, jerky motions.

  6. flirt(Verb)

    To blurt out.

  7. flirt(Verb)

    To play at courtship; to talk with teasing affection, to insinuate sexual attraction in a playful (especially conversational) way.

  8. flirt(Adjective)

    pert; wanton

Webster Dictionary

  1. Flirt(verb)

    to throw with a jerk or quick effort; to fling suddenly; as, they flirt water in each other's faces; he flirted a glove, or a handkerchief

  2. Flirt(verb)

    to toss or throw about; to move playfully to and fro; as, to flirt a fan

  3. Flirt(verb)

    to jeer at; to treat with contempt; to mock

  4. Flirt(verb)

    to run and dart about; to act with giddiness, or from a desire to attract notice; especially, to play the coquette; to play at courtship; to coquet; as, they flirt with the young men

  5. Flirt(verb)

    to utter contemptuous language, with an air of disdain; to jeer or gibe

  6. Flirt(noun)

    a sudden jerk; a quick throw or cast; a darting motion; hence, a jeer

  7. Flirt(verb)

    one who flirts; esp., a woman who acts with giddiness, or plays at courtship; a coquette; a pert girl

  8. Flirt(adj)

    pert; wanton

  9. Origin: [Cf. LG. flirtje, G. flirtchen. See Flirt, v. t.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Flirt

    flėrt, v.t. to move about quickly like a fan, to flick, rap.—v.i. to trifle with love: to play at courtship: to move briskly about.—n. a pert, giddy girl: one who coquets for amusement, usually of a woman.—n. Flirtā′tion the act of flirting.—adj. Flirtā′tious (coll.), giving to flirting.—ns. Flirt′-gill (Shak.), a pert or wanton woman; Flirt′ing.—adv. Flirt′ingly, in a flirting manner.—adj. Flirt′ish, betokening a flirt. [Onomatopœic, like flick, flip, flirk (a jerk), spurt, squirt.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of Flirt in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of Flirt in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Victor Hugo:

    God created the flirt as soon as he made the fool.

  2. Justin Chase Campbell:

    After love is lost only thing left to flirt with are the facts.

  3. Margaret Oliphant Oliphant:

    To have a man who can flirt is next thing to indispensable to a leader of society.

  4. Vikrant Parsai:

    Even if no one can love and be wise at the same time, but they can flirt and be wise at the same time.

  5. Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate:

    When a Chemical Engineer tries to flirt with a girl, he tells her that she must be made of Copper and Tellurium because she's so CuTe.

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