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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fool, sap, saphead, muggins, tomfool(noun)

    a person who lacks good judgment

  2. chump, fool, gull, mark, patsy, fall guy, sucker, soft touch, mug(noun)

    a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of

  3. jester, fool, motley fool(verb)

    a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages

  4. fool, gull, befool(verb)

    make a fool or dupe of

  5. fritter, frivol away, dissipate, shoot, fritter away, fool, fool away(verb)

    spend frivolously and unwisely

    "Fritter away one's inheritance"

  6. gull, dupe, slang, befool, cod, fool, put on, take in, put one over, put one across(verb)

    fool or hoax

    "The immigrant was duped because he trusted everyone"; "You can't fool me!"

  7. horse around, arse around, fool around, fool(verb)

    indulge in horseplay

    "Enough horsing around--let's get back to work!"; "The bored children were fooling about"


  1. Fool(v. i.)

    To waste time in unproductive activity; to spend time in idle sport or mirth; to trifle; to toy.


  1. fool(Noun)

    A person with poor judgment or little intelligence.

  2. fool(Noun)

    A jester; a person whose role was to entertain a sovereign and the court (or lower personages).

  3. fool(Noun)

    Someone who very much likes something specified.

  4. fool(Noun)

    A type of dessert made of puru00E9ed fruit and custard or cream.

  5. fool(Noun)

    A particular card in a tarot deck.

  6. fool(Verb)

    To trick; to make a fool of someone.

  7. Origin: See English fool.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fool(noun)

    a compound of gooseberries scalded and crushed, with cream; -- commonly called gooseberry fool

  2. Fool(noun)

    one destitute of reason, or of the common powers of understanding; an idiot; a natural

  3. Fool(noun)

    a person deficient in intellect; one who acts absurdly, or pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom; one without judgment; a simpleton; a dolt

  4. Fool(noun)

    one who acts contrary to moral and religious wisdom; a wicked person

  5. Fool(noun)

    one who counterfeits folly; a professional jester or buffoon; a retainer formerly kept to make sport, dressed fantastically in motley, with ridiculous accouterments

  6. Fool(verb)

    to play the fool; to trifle; to toy; to spend time in idle sport or mirth

  7. Fool(verb)

    to infatuate; to make foolish

  8. Fool(verb)

    to use as a fool; to deceive in a shameful or mortifying manner; to impose upon; to cheat by inspiring foolish confidence; as, to fool one out of his money

  9. Origin: [OE. fol, n. & adj., F. fol, fou, foolish, mad; a fool, prob. fr. L. follis a bellows, wind bag, an inflated ball; perh. akin to E. bellows. Cf. Folly, Follicle.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Fool

    fōōl, n. one who acts stupidly: a person of weak mind: a jester: a tool or victim, as of untoward circumstances: (B.) a wicked person.—v.t. to deceive: to treat with contempt.—v.i. to play the fool: to trifle.—adjs. Fool′-begged (Shak.), taken for a fool, idiotical, absurd; Fool′-born (Shak.), foolish from one's birth, arising from folly.—n. Fool′ery, an act of folly: habitual folly.—adj. Fool′-happ′y, happy or lucky without contrivance or judgment.—n. Fool′-hard′iness—(Spens.) Fool′-hard′ise.—adjs. Fool′-hard′y, foolishly bold: rash or incautious; Fool′ish, weak in intellect: wanting discretion: ridiculous: marked with folly: deserving ridicule: (B.) sinful, disregarding God's laws.—adv. Fool′ishly.—ns. Fool′ishness, Fool′ing, foolery.—adj. Fool′ish-wit′ty (Shak.), wise in folly and foolish in wisdom.—ns. Fool's′-err′and, a silly or fruitless enterprise: search for what cannot be found; Fool's′-pars′ley, an umbelliferous plant in Britain, not to be mistaken for parsley, being poisonous.—Fool away, to spend to no purpose or profit; Fool's cap, a kind of head-dress worn by professional fools or jesters, usually having a cockscomb hood with bells; Fool's paradise, a state of happiness based on fictitious hopes or expectations; Fool with, to meddle with officiously; Make a fool of, to bring a person into ridicule: to disappoint; Play the fool, to behave as a fool: to sport. [O. Fr. fol (Fr. fou), It. folle—L. follis, a wind-bag.]

  2. Fool

    fōōl, n. crushed fruit scalded or stewed, mixed with cream and sugar, as 'gooseberry fool.' [Prob. a use of preceding suggested by trifle.]

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. fool

    As used by hackers, specifically describes a person who habitually reasons from obviously or demonstrably incorrect premises and cannot be persuaded by evidence to do otherwise; it is not generally used in its other senses, i.e., to describe a person with a native incapacity to reason correctly, or a clown. Indeed, in hackish experience many fools are capable of reasoning all too effectively in executing their errors. See also cretin, loser, fool file.The Algol 68-R compiler used to initialize its storage to the character string "F00LF00LF00LF00L..." because as a pointer or as a floating point number it caused a crash, and as an integer or a character string it was very recognizable in a dump. Sadly, one day a very senior professor at Nottingham University wrote a program that called him a fool. He proceeded to demonstrate the correctness of this assertion by lobbying the university (not quite successfully) to forbid the use of Algol on its computers. See also DEADBEEF.

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British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'FOOL' in Nouns Frequency: #1922


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of FOOL in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of FOOL in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien:

    Fool of a Took!

  2. Harold Jones:

    I was a young fool.

  3. French Proverb:

    A white wall is the fool's paper.

  4. Mae West:

    He who hesitates is a damned fool.

  5. Ancient Simian Proverb:

    What one fool can do, another can.

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Translations for FOOL

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • flousAfrikaans
  • أحمق, مغفلArabic
  • abdal, axmaqAzerbaijani
  • ду́раньBelarusian
  • кисел, глупа́к, шут, абда́лBulgarian
  • মূর্খBengali
  • beneit, el boig, idiota, enganarCatalan, Valencian
  • pitomec, šašek, blb, blázen, blbec, klaun, hlupák, pošetilec, blboun, klamat, obelhávatCzech
  • ухмахChuvash
  • nar, fjolsDanish
  • Trottel, Narr, Tor, Mus, der Narr, dumme Gans, Dummkopf, betrügen, verarschen, schwindeln, täuschenGerman
  • κάρτα ταρό, τζουτζές, γελωτοποιός, ανόητος, ξεγελάωGreek
  • malsaĝuloEsperanto
  • imbécil, tonto, el loco, bobo, el bufón, bufón, necio, tomar el pelo, engañar, engrupirSpanish
  • tola, narr, tobu, lollEstonian
  • خنگ, ابله, احمقPersian
  • höhlä, pöljä, idiootti, hovinarri, typerys, tomppeli, hölmö, narri, tollo, pöllö, pöhkö, houkka, narrata, puliveivata, huijataFinnish
  • býttlingur, dáriFaroese
  • le fou, bouffon, idiot, le mat, fou, imbécile, rouler, duper, tromperFrench
  • leibide, amadán, óinseachIrish
  • amadan, òinseachScottish Gaelic
  • chouchoGalician
  • גולםHebrew
  • मूर्खHindi
  • bolond, bolondítHungarian
  • հիմար, խեղկատակ, հիմարացնելArmenian
  • sontoloyo, goblok, tolol, bodohIndonesian
  • bjániIcelandic
  • buffone di corte, imbecille, il matto, giullare, buffone, scemo, sciocco, idiota, il folle, pagliaccio, fare lo sciocco, ingannare, scherzare, farsi beffe diItalian
  • 戯け(たわけ), あほ, 馬鹿, 愚か者, 惚け, 道化 師, アホ, 愚者, ばかにするJapanese
  • sontoloyoJavanese
  • იდიოტი, ბრიყვი, დებილი, სულელიGeorgian
  • ақымақKazakh
  • ល្ងីល្ងើ, មនុស្សល្ងីល្ងើKhmer
  • 바보, 광대Korean
  • келесоо, акмакKyrgyz
  • stultusLatin
  • kvailys, juokdarysLithuanian
  • neprāte, muļķe, neprātis, muļķis, duraksLatvian
  • ngoungouaMāori
  • абдалMacedonian
  • bodohMalay
  • iqarquMaltese
  • ဗာလBurmese
  • dwaas, bedriegen, in de maling nemenDutch
  • narr, dust, tulling, tosk, narre, lureNorwegian
  • głupiec, dureń, głupek, oszukaćPolish
  • bobo da corte, idiota, bobo, louco, imbecil, tolo, lograr, enganarPortuguese
  • bufon, prost, prosti, păcăliRomanian
  • ду́рень, тупи́ца, идио́т, дура́к, болва́н, деби́л, скоморо́х, дурале́й, балбе́с, ду́ра, шут, идио́тка, глупе́ц, наду́ть, одура́чить, обдури́ть, дура́чить, дури́ть, надува́тьRussian
  • šut, луђак, глупан, dvorska luda, buzda, glupan, luđak, абдал, budala, глупак, glupak, luda, бузда, будала, šutnik, abdal, nasamariti, насамаритиSerbo-Croatian
  • මෝඩයා, මැට්ටාSinhala, Sinhalese
  • hlupák, blbec, blázon, okabátiťSlovak
  • budalo, bedak, norec, bizgec, neumnež, bukseljSlovene
  • budalla, idiotAlbanian
  • kräm, dåre, narrSwedish
  • mjinga, juha, falaSwahili
  • முட்டாள்Tamil
  • аҳмақ, аблаҳTajik
  • ตุ่น, คนโง่Thai
  • paňkelle, samsykTurkmen
  • budala, aptal, ahmak, salakTurkish
  • ду́реньUkrainian
  • مورکھUrdu
  • ahmoq, tentakUzbek
  • thằng nguVietnamese

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