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Definitions for Ensignˈɛn sən; for 1-3,5 also -saɪn

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ensign(noun)

    a person who holds a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard; below lieutenant junior grade

  2. national flag, ensign(noun)

    an emblem flown as a symbol of nationality

  3. ensign(noun)

    colors flown by a ship to show its nationality


  1. ensign(Noun)

    A badge of office, rank, or power

  2. ensign(Noun)

    The lowest grade of commissioned officer in the United States Navy, junior to a lieutenant junior grade.

  3. ensign(Noun)

    A flag or banner carried by military units. See standard, color, colour.

  4. ensign(Noun)

    The principal flag or banner flown by a ship to indicate nationality.

  5. ensign(Noun)

    A junior commissioned officer in the 18th and 19th Centuries whose duty was to carry the unit's ensign.

  6. ensign(Noun)

    A prominent flag or banner.

    Ten thousand thousand ensigns high advanced. -Milton, Paradise Lost.

  7. ensign(Verb)

    To designate as by an ensign.

  8. ensign(Verb)

    To distinguish by a mark or ornament

  9. ensign(Verb)

    To distinguish by an ornament, especially by a crown.

    Any charge which has a crown immediately above or upon it, is said to be ensigned.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ensign(noun)

    a flag; a banner; a standard; esp., the national flag, or a banner indicating nationality, carried by a ship or a body of soldiers; -- as distinguished from flags indicating divisions of the army, rank of naval officers, or private signals, and the like

  2. Ensign(noun)

    a signal displayed like a standard, to give notice

  3. Ensign(noun)

    sign; badge of office, rank, or power; symbol

  4. Ensign(noun)

    formerly, a commissioned officer of the army who carried the ensign or flag of a company or regiment

  5. Ensign(noun)

    a commissioned officer of the lowest grade in the navy, corresponding to the grade of second lieutenant in the army

  6. Ensign(verb)

    to designate as by an ensign

  7. Ensign(verb)

    to distinguish by a mark or ornament; esp. (Her.), by a crown; thus, any charge which has a crown immediately above or upon it, is said to be ensigned

  8. Origin: [L. enseigne, L. insignia, pl. of insigne a distinctive mark, badge, flag; in + signum mark, sign. See Sign, and cf. Insignia, 3d Ancient.]


  1. Ensign

    An ensign is a national flag when used at sea, in vexillology, or a distinguishing token, emblem, or badge, such as a symbol of office in heraldry. The word has also given rise to the military rank of "ensign", a rank of junior officer once responsible for bearing the ensign. via Scottish, from Old French enseigne "mark, symbol, signal; flag, standard, pennant," from the Latin plural insignia.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Ensign

    en′sīn, n. a sign or mark: the sign or flag distinguishing a nation or a regiment: one who carries the colours: until 1871, the title given to officers of the lowest commissioned rank in the British infantry.—ns. En′sign-bear′er; En′signcy, En′signship, the rank or commission of an ensign in the army. [O. Fr. enseigne—L. insignia, pl. of insigne, a distinctive mark—in, and signum, a mark.]

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    The numerical value of Ensign in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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