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Princeton's WordNet

  1. daub(noun)

    material used to daub walls

  2. smudge, spot, blot, daub, smear, smirch, slur(noun)

    a blemish made by dirt

    "he had a smudge on his cheek"

  3. daub(verb)

    an unskillful painting

  4. plaster, daub(verb)

    coat with plaster

    "daub the wall"

  5. daub(verb)

    apply to a surface

    "daub paint onto the wall"

  6. daub, smear(verb)

    cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it

    "smear the wall with paint"; "daub the ceiling with plaster"


  1. daub(Noun)

    A soft coating of mud, plaster etc.

  2. daub(Noun)

    A crude or amateurish painting.

  3. daub(Verb)

    To apply something to a surface in hasty or crude strokes.

    The artist just seemed to daub on paint at random and suddenly there was a painting.

  4. Origin: From dauber

Webster Dictionary

  1. Daub(verb)

    to smear with soft, adhesive matter, as pitch, slime, mud, etc.; to plaster; to bedaub; to besmear

  2. Daub(verb)

    to paint in a coarse or unskillful manner

  3. Daub(verb)

    to cover with a specious or deceitful exterior; to disguise; to conceal

  4. Daub(verb)

    to flatter excessively or glossy

  5. Daub(verb)

    to put on without taste; to deck gaudily

  6. Daub(verb)

    to smear; to play the flatterer

  7. Daub(noun)

    a viscous, sticky application; a spot smeared or dabed; a smear

  8. Daub(noun)

    a picture coarsely executed

  9. Origin: [OE. dauben to smear, OF. dauber to plaster, fr. L. dealbare to whitewash, plaster; de- + albare to whiten, fr. albus white, perh. also confused with W. dwb plaster, dwbio to plaster, Ir. & OGael. dob plaster. See Alb, and cf. Dealbate.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Daub

    dawb, v.t. to smear: to paint coarsely.—n. a coarse painting.—ns. Daub′er, one who daubs: a coarse painter; Daub′ery, Daub′ry (Shak.), a daubing, or crudely artful device; Daub′ing.—adj. Daub′y, sticky. [O. Fr. dauber, to plaster—L. dealbāre, to whitewash—de, down, and albus, white.]

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Translations for Daub

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • мазилка, мажа, цапам, цапотенеBulgarian
  • mazanice, naplácatCzech
  • klecksen, Graffiti, Kleckserei, Schmiererei, schmieren, GeschmierGerman
  • embadurnar, manchar, untar, brochazoSpanish
  • sutiaFinnish
  • barbouiller, croûteFrench
  • spairt, sloisirScottish Gaelic
  • imbrattare, crostaItalian
  • kliederen, besmeren, kladschilderenDutch
  • pomazaćPolish
  • мазня, штукатурка, мазать, обмазка, малеватьRussian
  • harç, sıvamak, acemice boyanmış resim, acemice boyamak, beceriksizce boyamak, leke, çamurTurkish

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