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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Columbus, Christopher Columbus, Cristoforo Colombo, Cristobal Colon(noun)

    Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China (1451-1506)


  1. Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of the American continents. Those voyages, and his efforts to establish permanent settlements on the island of Hispaniola, initiated the Spanish colonization of the New World. In the context of emerging western imperialism and economic competition between European kingdoms seeking wealth through the establishment of trade routes and colonies, Columbus's speculative proposal, to reach the East Indies by sailing westward, eventually received the support of the Spanish crown, which saw in it a promise, however remote, of gaining the upper hand over rival powers in the contest for the lucrative spice trade with Asia. During his first voyage in 1492, instead of reaching Japan as he had intended, Columbus landed in the Bahamas archipelago, at a locale he named San Salvador. Over the course of three more voyages, Columbus visited the Greater and Lesser Antilles, as well as the Caribbean coast of Venezuela and Central America, claiming them for the Spanish Empire.

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    The numerical value of Christopher Columbus in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of Christopher Columbus in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Margot Asquith:

    What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it.

  2. Robin Kelly:

    I never knew Christopher Columbus was so controversial, i just though Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

  3. Johan Ronnby:

    Last time it looked at the world, Leonardo da Vinci and Christopher Columbus were still living, it's a monster. It's a sea monster and we have to discuss what kind of animal it is. I think it's some kind of fantasy animal - a dragon with lion ears and crocodile-like mouth.

  4. John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

    To exclude from positions of trust and command all those below the age of 44 would have kept Jefferson from writing the Declaration of Independence, Washington from commanding the Continental Army, Madison from fathering the Constitution, Hamilton from serving as secretary of the treasury, Clay from being elected speaker of the House and Christopher Columbus from discovering America.

  5. Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate:

    The life of Christopher Columbus offers numerous notable traits of Effective Leadership, which are applicable even today. The seven traits that I consider to be absolutely remarkable are: (1) Always challenge the status quo. (2) Think outside-the-box. (3) Create a vision with plan and timeline to execute. (4) Be prepared to cross the comfort zone, and enter any unknown territories fearlessly. (5) Be tough minded with strong determination to win. (6) Be adaptable, resilient and persistent when faced with challenges. (7) Be the best positive influencer and an inspiring role model to followers. In my view, the most important learning for Leaders from the life of Columbus is: If you really wish to explore new oceans, you mustn't be afraid to lose sight of the shore.

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  1. Christopher ColumbusChristopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus

Translations for Christopher Columbus

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  • كريستوفر كولومبوسArabic
  • Kryštof KolumbusCzech
  • Christopher ColumbusDanish
  • Christopher ColumbusGerman
  • Χριστόφορος ΚολόμβοςGreek
  • Cristobal colonSpanish
  • کریستف کلمبPersian
  • Kristoffer KolumbusFinnish
  • Christophe ColombFrench
  • क्रिस्टोफर कोलंबसHindi
  • Kolumbusz KristófHungarian
  • christopher columbusIndonesian
  • Cristoforo ColomboItalian
  • כריסטופר קולומבוסHebrew
  • クリストファー・コロンブスJapanese
  • ಕ್ರಿಸ್ಟೋಫರ್ ಕೊಲಂಬಸ್Kannada
  • 크리스토퍼 콜럼버스Korean
  • Christopher ColumbusLatin
  • Christopher ColumbusDutch
  • christopher ColumbusNorwegian
  • Krzysztof KolumbPolish
  • Cristóvão ColomboPortuguese
  • Cristofor ColumbRomanian
  • Христофор КолумбRussian
  • Christopher ColumbusSwedish
  • கிறிஸ்டோபர் கொலம்பஸ்Tamil
  • క్రిష్టఫర్ కొలంబస్Telugu
  • คริสโตเฟอร์โคลัมบัสThai
  • Kristof KolombTurkish
  • Христофор КолумбUkrainian
  • کرسٹوفر کولمبسUrdu
  • Christopher ColumbusVietnamese
  • Christopher ColumbusYiddish
  • 克里斯托弗·哥倫布Chinese

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