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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cove(noun)

    a small inlet

  2. cove(noun)

    small or narrow cave in the side of a cliff or mountain

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cove(noun)

    a retired nook; especially, a small, sheltered inlet, creek, or bay; a recess in the shore

  2. Cove(noun)

    a strip of prairie extending into woodland; also, a recess in the side of a mountain

  3. Cove(noun)

    a concave molding

  4. Cove(noun)

    a member, whose section is a concave curve, used especially with regard to an inner roof or ceiling, as around a skylight

  5. Cove(verb)

    to arch over; to build in a hollow concave form; to make in the form of a cove

  6. Cove(verb)

    to brood, cover, over, or sit over, as birds their eggs

  7. Cove(noun)

    a boy or man of any age or station

  8. Origin: [CF. F. couver, It. covare. See Covey.]


  1. Cove

    A cove is a small type of bay or coastal inlet. Coves usually have narrow, restricted entrances, are often circular or oval, and are often situated within a larger bay. Small, narrow, sheltered bays, inlets, creeks, or recesses in a coast are often considered coves. Colloquially, the term can be used to describe a sheltered bay. Geomorphology describes coves as precipitously walled and rounded cirque-like openings as in a valley extending into or down a mountainside, or in a hollow or nook of a cliff or steep mountainside. Coves are formed by differential erosion. Differential erosion occurs when softer rocks are worn away faster than the harder rocks surrounding them. These rocks further erode to form a circular bay with a narrow entrance called a cove. An example of a cove is Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. West of it a second cove, Stair Hole, is forming.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cove

    kōv, n. a small inlet of the sea: a bay: a cavern or rocky recess: (archit.) a concave arch or vault.—v.t. to overarch, and thus form a hollow.—adj. Coved, formed with an arch.—n. Cove′let, a small cove. [A.S. cófa, a room; Ice. kofi, Ger. koben.]

  2. Cove

    kōv, n. (slang) a fellow, a customer:—fem. Cov′essdim. Cov′ey. [Prob. conn. with Chap.]

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    The numerical value of COVE in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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  1. Sheila Dey:

    These trailers that were in Paradise Cove 60 years ago are still on the Vehicle License Fee, we feel they should have to pay property tax like everybody else.

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