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Princeton's WordNet

  1. append, add on, supplement, affix(verb)

    add to the very end

    "He appended a glossary to his novel where he used an invented language"

  2. append, tag on, tack on, tack, hang on(verb)

    fix to; attach

    "append a charm to the necklace"

  3. add, append, supply(verb)

    state or say further

    "`It doesn't matter,' he supplied"


  1. append(Noun)

    An instance of writing more data to the end of an existing file.

  2. append(Verb)

    To hang or attach to, as by a string, so that the thing is suspended; as, a seal appended to a record; the inscription was appended to the column.

  3. append(Verb)

    To add, as an accessory to the principal thing; to annex; as, notes appended to this chapter.

  4. append(Verb)

    To write more data to the end of a pre-existing file.

  5. Origin: From appendo or appendre: compare with Old English appenden, apenden, Old French apendre, French appendre, from Latin appendere, present active infinitive of appendo; from ad + pendo. See pendant.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Append(verb)

    to hang or attach to, as by a string, so that the thing is suspended; as, a seal appended to a record; the inscription was appended to the column

  2. Append(verb)

    to add, as an accessory to the principal thing; to annex; as, notes appended to this chapter

  3. Origin: [L. appendere or F. appendre: cf. OE. appenden, apenden, to belong, OF. apendre, F. appendre, fr. L. appendre, v. i., to hang to, appendre, v. t., to hang to; ad + pendre, v. i., to hang, pendre, v. t., to hang. See Pendant.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Append

    ap-pend′, v.t. to hang one thing to another: to add.—n. Append′age, something appended.—adj. Append′ant, attached, annexed, consequent.—n. an adjunct, quality.—n. Appendicī′tis, inflammation of the vermiform appendix of the cæcum.—adj. Appendic′ular, of the nature of or belonging to an appendix.—n. Appendiculā′ria, a genus of Ascidians whose members retain the larval vertebrate characters which are lost in the more or less degenerate sea-squirts.—adj. Appendic′ulate, furnished with appendages.—n. Append′ix, something appended or added: a supplement: an addition to a book or document, containing matter explanatory, but not essential to its completeness: (anat.) a process, prolongation, or projection:—pl. Append′ixes, Append′ices.—Appendix auriculæ, the appendix of the auricle of the heart; Appendices epiploicæ, saccular processes, containing fat attached to the serous covering of the large intestine; Appendix vermiformis, or Vermiform appendix, a blind process terminating the cæcum in man. [L. ad, to, pendĕre, to hang.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of APPEND in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of APPEND in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Brian Wieser:

    Verizon can append data it has, and has authorization to use in an anonymized fashion, to a digital ad sale, and it will have better insight as to when to buy low and sell high.

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Translations for APPEND

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • закачам, прибавям, добавям, прилагам, окачвамBulgarian
  • heften, anheften, hinzufügen, beifügenGerman
  • agregar, adjuntar, añadirSpanish
  • suspendre, ajouter, appendreFrench
  • aggiungere, attaccareItalian
  • adiungōLatin
  • bevestigen, toevoegen, hechten, aanhechten, vastmaken, bijvoegenDutch
  • doczepić, dołączyćPolish
  • idagdagTagalog

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