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Princeton's WordNet

  1. alb(noun)

    a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves; worn by priests


  1. alb(Noun)

    A long white robe worn by priests and other ministers at religious ceremonies, underneath most of the other vestments.

  2. Origin: Middle English albe<Old English< Medieval Latin alba< Latin albus, "white".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Alb(noun)

    a vestment of white linen, reaching to the feet, an enveloping the person; -- in the Roman Catholic church, worn by those in holy orders when officiating at mass. It was formerly worn, at least by clerics, in daily life

  2. Origin: [OE. albe, LL. alba, fr. L. albus white. Cf. Album and Aube.]


  1. Alb

    The alb, one of the liturgical vestments of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and many Methodist churches, is an ample white garment coming down to the ankles and is usually girdled with a cincture. It is simply the long linen tunic used by the Romans. In early Medieval Europe it was also normally worn by secular clergy in non-liturgical contexts. It is the twelfth oldest liturgical vestment, and was adopted very early by Christians, and especially by the clergy for the Eucharistic liturgy. Nowadays, the alb is the common vestment for all ministers at Mass, both clerics and laypersons, and is worn over the cassock and under any other special garments, such as the stole, dalmatic or chasuble. If the alb does not completely cover the collar, an amice is often worn underneath the alb. The shortening of the alb for use outside a church has given rise to the surplice, and its cousin the rochet, worn by canons and bishops. Post-Tridentine albs often were made with lace. Since then, this detail has fallen out of style, except in parts of the Anglo-Catholic movement and some very traditional Roman Catholic parishes. In many Anglican parishes, the alb is decorated with apparels. In most high Anglican churches, the Alb is an undergarment worn under the vestments. In some lower and broad Anglican churches, the alb is considered everyday wear.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Alb

    alb, n. in R.C. churches, a white linen vestment with tight sleeves, reaching to the feet, worn by the officiating priest at the celebration of the eucharist, under the chasuble, cope, or dalmatic. [A.S. albe—Low L. alba, L. albus, white.]

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  1. lab, Lab, LAB

  2. BLA

  3. Lab


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    The numerical value of ALB in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

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