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  1. 50-59

    This is a list of events occurring in the 50s, ordered by year. ⁕Cologne is raised to the status of a city. ⁕Romans learn the use of soap from the Gauls. ⁕Utrecht is founded, a Roman fortification is constructed at the Rhine border in the present-day Netherlands. ⁕Claudius adopts Nero. ⁕In Judea a Roman soldier seized and burned a Torah-scroll. Procurator Cumanus had the culprit beheaded, calming down the Jews and delaying for two decades the outbreak of their revolt ⁕In Britain, governor Publius Ostorius Scapula begins his campaign against the recalcitrant Silures of south Wales, who are led by the former Catuvellaunian prince Caratacus. London, Exeter, Tripontium and the fort of Manduessedum are founded. ⁕Roman emperor Claudius appoints Agrippa II governor of Chalcis. ⁕Romans built a wooden bridge across the Thames in the London area. ⁕The Iazyges settle in the Hungarian plain to the east of the Tisza River. ⁕The Tocharian or Yue-Chi tribes are united under the Kushan leader Kujula Kadphises, thus creating the Kushan Empire in Afghanistan and northern India.


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