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gaintSoft mutation of Welsh Caint.
stohlThe alterations to tail dragging airplanes that enable it to fly at low altitudes at extremely slow speeds.
soulisticThe innate understanding of the potential found within a person's attributes of the mind, body, heart and distinctly, the soul which, when combined create a powerful synergy uniquely reflective of the individual and inspires, empowers and nurtures their quest for wholeness, true well-being, authenticity, purpose and meaning.
soulisticThe innate understanding of the potential found within a person's attributes of the mind, body, heart and distinctly, the soul which, when combined create a powerful synergy uniquely reflective of the individual and inspires, empowers and nurtures their quest for wholeness, true well-being, authenticity, purpose and meaning.
pariseopariseo is parisheans, ancient Greek social separatrist Before Christ who established parishes or parishean society, tax collector, pretentive, proud egoistic clan, origin of parish worships or church, pari root word is priest, preachers collectors, those who crucified a redeemer Christ for their crimes or sins whom they worship allegedly.
Abiet, Abiet!"Abiet! Abiet!" was a cry of despair by Abyssinian soldiers during the attacks (using mustard gas) of the Italians when they overran the country in 1934. The soldiers wore uniforms, but did not wear boots and the soles of their feet were burned as the mustard gas waifed to the ground. Source: "Warrior without Weapons" (p 61) by Marcel Junod translated from the French by Edward Fitzgerald - London: Jonathan Cape (1951). French: "Le Troisieme Combattant" The word appears to mean 'Have Pity, have pity!'
English Language LearnersAn English Language Learner (often capitalized as English Language Learner or abbreviated to ELL) is a person who is learning the English language in addition to his or her native language.
harrishedOverwhelmed , too many things to deal with all at once
KumenuA digital technology Company focusing on On-demand Technology, Big data, IOT and Driver-less solutions
Enterprise MobilityEnterprise Mobility is a trend in work culture where in enterprises allow employees to take advantage of mobile technologies to perform work related tasks from anywhere anytime. The term typically refers to the use of mobile apps and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for work purposes. Enterprise mobility brings in improved productivity, compliance benefits, work flexibility and employee job satisfaction.
take silkModern day term used for allowing one's hair to go gray.
aireyThe open area outside the door of a semi-basement flat or apartment.
CivieMilitary term for civilian clothes. Plural civies.
AntifaAntifa is a communist group that was originally created during the 1920/1930s to resist fascism. The group has now turned it's efforts against democracy, and has begun using the same violent tactics used by Nazi Brownshirts to suppress Jews, Marxists, and anyone else who was anti-fascist.
SophocleanPertinent to or of tragedy, sadness, and other cause which bring and induce wail or weeping.
MichtonnableMichtonnable is a word that comes from French slang. Originally the word "michto" defines a woman that only dates or hangs out with a guy for his money, to get gifts, free meals and trips. À michtonnable person is someone you can get advantage of, financially speaking.
GlousseA temporary tatoo; usually made up of fake paint
elfinlyFrom an elf point of view; in an elf manner; within elfin ability.
MagellanicWidely traveled, especially in the Southern Hemisphere. Daring and succeeding in an untried quest of global importance or dimension.
lovedaleLovedale is a small town in the Nilgiris Hills in South India at a height of about 7200 feet. It is primarily known as the location of The Lawrence School founded in 1858.
gensorOld French (Provencal) Gentle, mincing, delicate
blamabilityability to be blamed for something
despacito"Despacito" (English: "Slowly") is a single by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee from the former's upcoming studio album. On January 12, 2017, Universal Music Latin released "Despacito" and its music video, which shows both artists performing the song in La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and the local bar La Factoría. The song's music video is the first video to reach 3 billion views on YouTube. The song was written by Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee, and was produced by Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.
coshaCool. Ok. All good.
coshaExtremely acceptable, well thought of, well prepared and ahead of time.
Deededsimple past tense and past participle of deed
ttylttyl (novel), a 2004 novel by Lauren Myracle.
ttylTalk To You Later, in Internet slang
OgidanA powerful and influential African Warior of Edo/Bini descent equivalent of a Military General. "Ogidan" means "Hero" or "Lion" figuratively in African perlance.
Do A LeongTo "Do A Leong" To find a really good car parking bay very close to the entrance of a venue.
subredditA forum on the Reddit popular website devoted to a specific subject.
demisemihemidemisemiquaverIn music, a two hundred fifty-sixth note (or occasionally demisemihemidemisemiquaver)[1] is a note played for  1⁄256 of the duration of a whole note. It lasts half as long as a hundred twenty-eighth note and takes up one quarter of the length of a sixty-fourth note. In musical notation it has a total of six flags or beams.
user agentA User Agent is a short string that web browsers and other applications send to identify themselves to web servers.
armorialsPictorial or sculptural on subjects of note
AgustiniaA genus of medium sized sauropod from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina.
hai!Another slang spelling for the term 'hi'; a greeting that is informal
Rockinwearing an article of clothing or accessory so as to make it extremely visible to everyone or using an object in the same way.
skartScottish word meaning to scratch. A scar left on the body by a scratch.
NeerlandicusNeerlandistic is the science that deals with the Dutch language and literature. A practitioner of this science is a Neerlandicus or a Neerlandica.
itamaratyItamaraty is the common name of the Brazilian equivalent of the U.S. Department of State. The official name is Ministério das Relações Exteriores. The url is www/
amalaAmala is a type of cassava flour or yam flour from Nigeria, usually brown or while in color.
servitizationValue addition to Goods as an integral part the tangible material which influences Procurement decision.
SoulishA type of preaching which amuses, entertains, and generally appeals to man’s emotions, rather than being based on Scripture.
suitressA female suitor, typically vying for a bachelor.
lutkarA puppet master, in Serbian language.
alderneyAlderney a milk cow from an island in the English Channel, to the northeast of Guernsey. It is the third largest of the Channel Islands. Alderneys are of a dun or tawny color and are often called Jersey cattle
CHEMICALISMThe subject of artificial chemically processed food and drink addictive dependence by Human beings & animals. Defined by Simon Kadwill-Kelly 2013
dovesThe plural form of Dove.
verandering'Change' in Dutch

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