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rivetRivet (noun)a condition to fasten or attract someone attention.
rainstormRainstorm (noun) is a strong wind and rainfall.
margarineMargarine (noun)is a yellowish oil that used in baking or cooking.
prostituteProstitute (noun) a man or woman that engage to immoral way of living in exchange for easy or large amount of money.
unmarriedUnmarried (adj.) is a person who lives in a celibacy.
full-blownFull-blown (adj.) is having the qualities of a noble person.
kingfisherKingfisher (noun)a type of bird that catches only fish.
protonProton (noun)is a small part of an atom that has a positive electrical charge.
tiepinTiepin (noun)a decorative pin worn to clutch the ends of a necktie in place
chameleonChameleon (noun) a kind of lizard that changes the color when enemy approach.
textbookTextbook (adj) a book used by students inside the campus.
unreadableUnreadable (adj.) meaning not easily to comprehend.
personnelPersonnel (noun)an employees working in a firm.
postPost (verb) an announcement or advertisement to be announced by a channels.
judiciaryJudiciary (noun)a person who govern a law process of avowal.
wash-upWash up (verb) to clean through water.
vesicleVesicle (noun)is a blister.
effluviumEffluvium (noun)a foul odor that cause to vomit.
fiendFiend (noun) a person that has evil plans.
pettyPetty (adj) not important or no value.
wiltWilt (verb) to become weak.
capacityCapacity (noun) the weight, volume or speed that produce to the maximum level.
per capitaPer capita (adj) eaqually divided to each person or per head.
neglectNeglect (verb)meaning to give little attention or fail to do.
mixedMixed (adj.) combined with different kinds of things, races, or people of both sexes.
mintMint (noun) includes in Labiate family, a plant with aroma.
arterialArterial (noun) describes as artery.
subliminalSubliminal (adj) influence of mind that you do not notice
emissaryEmissary (noun) as a secret agent.
tenebrousTenebrous (adj) meaning dark, there is no light.
cortisolCortisol (noun) also called hydrocortisone.
fibFib (verb) a statement that was not true or only a lie.
self-helpSelf-help (noun) an action with no help on someone.
logographLogograph (noun)is a logogram that represents a word with a single symbol such as dollar sign.
airtightAirtight (adj.)is too strong or cannot be defeated.
posterPoster (noun) can be a warning sign that shows caution to the reader.
mildewMIildew (noun) is a mushroom or herb that can cure sickness of human body.
biologyBiology (noun) is a science that deals with living things.
certifyCertify (verb) to bring up to date with certainty knowledge.
behemothBehemoth (noun) can be a big name or somewhat often capitalized.
calyxCalyx (noun) is a green outer curl of a flower consisting sepals.
charterCharter (noun) an agreement that gives right to a person to rent or established a building.
canterCanter (noun) a person who lives by begging for food or money.
ganderGander (noun) an old kind male goose.
jadedJaded (jaded) a condition in which the body is out of energy to work.
driverDriver (noun) a person who runs a vehicle.
hoseHose (noun) a see-through tights that used as a stockings or socks for legs.
helicalHelical (adjective) is having a spiral form of many rounds.
bus driverBus driver (noun) a professional driver that can run a bus.
electronicElectronic (adj) it shows electrical parts that take control a system that includes the cellphone, computer, television or radio.

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