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aa 1a and ra b c
a bad workman alway…a bad/good losera baker's dozena band
à basa batterya beautiful daya beautiful morning
a bee in one's bonn…à bientôta billiona bird in the hand …
a bita bit luckya bit mucha bleeding heart
a blessing in disgu…a bolt from the bluea bone of contentiona break
a bridge too fara buga camel is a horse …a capella singing
a cappellaa cappella singinga cat may look at a…a cause
a chain is only as …a change of hearta chapter of accide…a chicken in every …
a class acta clean bill of hea…a clean slatea closed book
a closed mouth gath…a cock and bull sto…a cold day in hella cold sweat
a collectiona couple ofa cupa cup of tea?
a curated worlda cut abovea cut belowa dangerous game
a day late and a do…à deuxa dog's lifea dream
a dumb priest never…a fablea fairy talea family first comm…
a far crya feather in one's …a fewa fine-tooth comb
a fish out of watera flata flowera fly in the ointme…
a foggy daya fool and his mone…a foresta fork in the road
a fortioria fortiori*a free handa fresh fucked fox …
a friend in need is…a gamea generationa gentleman and a s…
a given type of tar…à gogoa golden key can op…a good beginning ma…
a good deala good deal / a gre…a good joba good man
a good man is hard …a good thinga good voice to beg…a great deal
a hard time (of it)a heavy hearta horizona horse with no name
a house is not a ho…a hundreda hundred and onea hundred and ten p…
a hundred thousanda hundred timesa into ga journey of a thou…
a kempisa kinase anchor pro…a kindred spirità l'anglaise
à laa la carteà la carte foodà la française
à la kinga la minutea la mobilea la mode
a leopard cannot ch…a levela life of its owna likely story!