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Laboratorios Syntex SA was a pharmaceutical company formed in Mexico City in 1944 by Russell Marker to manufacture therapeutic steroids from the Mexican yams called cabeza de negro and Barbasco. The demand for barbasco by Syntex initiated the Mexican barbasco trade. Syntex chemists synthesized cortisone from diosgenin, a phytosteroid contained in Mexican yams. This synthesis was more economical than the previous Merck & Co. synthesis, which started with bile acids. Syntex was integrated into the Roche group in 1994.

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Old Joe

Old Joe is a fictional character from the 2007 film Waitress.

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Cheese curd

Cheese curds in cuisine, or cooking, are the solid parts of soured milk either eaten alone or used in various regional dishes, mostly in eastern Canada and the northeastern and midwestern United States. They are sometimes referred to as "squeaky cheese".

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Misfit stream

A misfit stream is a river that is either too large or too small to have eroded the valley in which it flows. This term is also used for a stream or river with meanders that obviously are not proportional in size to the meanders of the valley or meander scars cut into its valley walls. If the misfit stream is too large for either its valley or meanders, it is known as an overfit stream. If the misfit stream is too small for either its valley or meanders, it is known as an underfit stream. The term misfit stream is often incorrectly used as a synonym for an underfit stream. An underfit stream is a type of misfit stream whose discharge is too small to be correlated with either existing channel characteristics, i.e. meander radius, wavelength and channel width, or valley size

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Data deficient

A data deficient species is one which has been categorised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as with no sufficient information for a proper assessment of conservation status to be made. This does not necessarily indicate that the species has not been extensively studied; but it does indicate that little or no information is available on the abundance and distribution of the species. The IUCN recommends that care be taken to avoid classing species as "data deficient" when the absence of records may actually indicate dangerously low abundance: "If the range of a taxon is suspected to be relatively circumscribed, if a considerable period of time has elapsed since the last record of the taxon, threatened status may well be justified".

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Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Its population was 8,670 and its area is 3,651 km².

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Musique concrète

Musique concrète is a genre of electroacoustic music that is made in part from acousmatic sound. It can feature sounds derived from recordings of musical instruments, voice, and the natural environment as well as those created using synthesizers and computer-based digital signal processing. Also, compositions in this idiom are not restricted to the normal musical rules of melody, harmony, rhythm, metre, and so on. Originally contrasted with "pure" elektronische Musik, the theoretical basis of musique concrète as a compositional practice was developed by Pierre Schaeffer, beginning in the early 1940s.

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Jamberoo is a picturesque village approx 11 km inland from Kiama on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia in the Municipality of Kiama. At the 2006 census, Jamberoo had a population of 935 people. The town's name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning 'track'. It is well known for the Jamberoo Action Park, Jamberoo Hotel and the local dairy-farming community. The Australian Illawarra Shorthorn cattle breed originated in here. It is the birthplace of politician Joseph Cullen.

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Celeritas is a Latin word, translated as "swiftness" or "speed". It is often given as the origin of the symbol c, the universal notation for the speed of light in a vacuum, as popularized in Albert Einstein's famous equation E = mc². In SI units, the speed of light in a vacuum is defined as 299 792 458 meters per second.

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Tread Marks

Tread Marks is a 3D, third-person perspective, multiplayer-focused tank combat and racing computer game developed by Longbow Digital Arts. The game won the 2000 Independent Games Festival grand prize, later renamed to the Seumas McNally award in honor of the game's lead programmer who died on 21 March 2000, after receiving the award. Tread Marks has three gameplay modes: Race mode, in which tanks must race around an off-road course while attempting to stop other tanks from completing the course. Common techniques include using the in-game weapons to attack opponents and using physical tank contact to temporarily 'push' opponents off the course. Battle mode, in which the tank or team with the most frags win as soon as the global frag or time limit is reached. Capture the Flag mode in which there are two or more teams of tanks that compete by trying to capture one of the other team's flags. The race and battle modes can be played in either team or single-player mode.

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Jack Daniel

Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel was an American distiller and the founder of the Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey distillery.

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How I Got Over

How I Got Over is a Gospel hymn composed and published in 1951 by Clara Ward. Notable recordings of this work have been made by Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and the Blind Boys of Alabama. It was performed by Mahalia Jackson at the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 before 250,000 people.

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Reward system

The reward system is a group of neural structures that are critically involved in mediating the effects of reinforcement. A reward is an appetitive stimulus given to a human or some other animal to alter its behavior. Rewards typically serve as reinforcers. A reinforcer is something that, when presented after a behavior, causes the probability of that behavior's occurrence to increase. Note that, just because something is labelled as a reward, it does not necessarily imply that it is a reinforcer. A reward can be defined as reinforcer only if its delivery increases the probability of a behavior. Reward or reinforcement is an objective way to describe the positive value that an individual ascribes to an object, behavioral act or an internal physical state. Primary rewards include those that are necessary for the survival of species, such as food and sexual contact. Secondary rewards derive their value from primary rewards. Money is a good example. They can be produced experimentally by pairing a neutral stimulus with a known reward. Things such as pleasurable touch and beautiful music are often said to be secondary rewards, but such claims are questionable.

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Azambuja is a municipality in the Portuguese district of Lisbon, in the historical region of Ribatejo. The population in 2011 was 21,814, in an area of 262.66 km². Since 2002, it was integrated into the NUTS III statistical subregion of Lezíria do Tejo, a region of the Alentejo: until this point Azambuja belonged to the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region.

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Elco is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 362 at the 2000 census.

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Fixed verse

Fixed verse forms are a kind of template or formula that poetry can be composed in. The opposite of Fixed verse is Free verse poetry, which by design has little or no pre-established guidelines. The various poetic forms, such as meter, rhyme scheme, and stanzas guide and limit a poet's choices when composing poetry. A fixed verse form combines one or more of these limitations into a larger form. A form usually demands strict adherence to the established guidelines that to some poets may seem stifling, while other poets view the rigid structure as a challenge to be innovative and creative while staying within the guidelines.

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A Forest

"A Forest" is a song by the English alternative rock band The Cure. Co-produced by Mike Hedges and The Cure's Robert Smith, it was released as a single from the band's second album Seventeen Seconds in April 1980. It was their debut entry on the United Kingdom chart, where it reached number 31. The accompanying music video was first shown on BBC's Top of the Pops programme on 24 April 1980. The song can also be heard in the 2006 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories by the developer Rockstar North, which can be heard on The Wave 103. Recorded and mixed over seven days, along with the rest of the songs from the album, "A Forest" is representative of The Cure's early 1980s gothic rock phase. The song has featured on the band's setlists for many years. Several versions have appeared on concert albums, and it was remixed and released as a single from the Mixed Up album in 1990. The song has been covered by several artists including Blank & Jones, Sophie Barker and Ror-Shak.

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