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take for grantedtake formtake frighttake guard
take hearttake heedtake heed oftake hold
take hold oftake hometake hostagetake ill
take intake in chargetake in good parttake in hand
take in one's stridetake in vaintake in watertake into account
take into considera…take inventorytake issuetake issue with
take ittake it awaytake it backtake it easy
take it easy with t…take it from heretake it from metake it from me (th…
take it in turnstake it into one's …take it like a mantake it on the chin
take it or leave ittake it out ontake it outsidetake it to the bank
take it up the asstake its tolltake kindlytake kindly to
take leavetake leave of ones …take libertiestake life
take lightlytake lying downtake matters into o…take me
take me highertake me to your hea…take my breath awaytake no for an answ…
take no notice oftake no prisonerstake notetake note of
take notestake noticetake notice oftake off
take offencetake offensetake officetake offline
take ontake on boardtake on faithtake one
take one for the te…take one's easetake one's fancytake one's hat off …
take one's leave (o…take one's lifetake one's life in …take one's lumps
take one's timetake ones ball and …take ones breath aw…take ones chance
take ones eye off t…take ones hat off totake ones leavetake ones lumps
take ones own lifetake ones picktake ones timetake ones tongue ou…
take or paytake orderstake outtake out of context
take out the stopstake out the trashtake overtake pains
take parttake part intake pity ontake place
take pleasure intake pointtake pot lucktake pride
take pride intake refugetake responsibilitytake revenge
take risks / take a…take roottake shapetake shelter
take sicktake sidestake signtake silk

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