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to a tolerable degr…to a zeroth approxi…to advantageto all intents and …
to an adequate degr…to an extentto and againto and fro
to armsto beto be alive!to be continued...
to be continued…to be frankto be or not to beto be precise
to be sureto beat the bandto begin withto bits
to bootto both earsto cometo compound a felony
to dateto deathto die forto do with
to each his ownto each oneto err is humanto extremes
to fly!to get downto goto god be the glory
to handto heelto hell in a handba…to it
to leewardto letto liveto love
to my knowledgeto my mindto my surpriseto my/his etc
to n decimal placesto no degreeto no purposeto one ear
to one's heart's co…to ones hearts cont…to ones knowledgeto ones liking
to orderto pass over indivi…to perfectionto pieces
to recover unexplod…to retireto say nothing ofto say the least
to scaleto some extentto speak ofto start with
to tell the truthto tell the truth (…to thatto that degree
to that effectto that extentto the boneto the brim
to the contraryto the dayto the deathto the fore
to the fullto the gillsto the goodto the gunnels
to the highest degr…to the hiltto the lastto the left
to the letterto the lifeto the limitto the lowest degree
to the manner bornto the maxto the minuteto the moon
to the northto the pointto the power ofto the quick
to the rescueto the southto the starsto the tonsils
to the tune ofto the victor go th…to thine own self b…to this end
to what degreeto what endto what end?to what extent
to whom it may conc…to windwardto wisseto wit
to your healthto-to-and-froto-be

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