Found 17,605 definitions starting with N:

new people's armynew phase of the mo…new philharmonic or…new pomerania
new potatonew providencenew prussiannew relic
new republicnew revised standar…new rightnew river
new river gorge bri…new rochellenew romanticnew romanticism
new romenew scale technolog…new schoolnew scotland yard
new sheqelnew siberian islandsnew southnew south wales
new spainnew standardnew startnew stone age
new stylenew style calendarnew taiwan dollarnew territories
new testamentnew thoughtnew timesnew to
new townnew toynew trainnew travelcoo
new upnew wavenew wavernew wind
new worldnew world anteaternew world beavernew world blackbird
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new world warblernew yearnew year'snew year's day
new year's evenew year's resoluti…new years daynew years eve
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