Found 299 definitions starting with IT:

itit aint fittnit aint over til th…it all depends
it boyit girlit goes without say…it had to be you!
it has characterist…it is etc hi…it is all fun and g…it is easier for a …
it is easy to find …it is finishedit is never too lat…it is well with my …
it matters to meit might be youit never rains but …it pays to advertise
it serves you et…it should've been meit stands to reasonit takes a village
it takes all kinds …it takes one to kno…it takes two to tan…it trading
it'dit'llit'sit's a wrap
it's just meit's like thisit's mineit's no joke
it's no useit's not funnyit's nothingit's probably me
it's timeit.itaita palm
ita softwareitá, paraguayitabaianinhaitaberaba
itaconateitaconicitaconic aciditaconix
itaguaruitaipu damitajobiital
italian americanitalian architectureitalian beeitalian bread
italian canadiansitalian capitalitalian cloveritalian cypress
italian dressingitalian east africaitalian greyhounditalian grip
italian honeysuckleitalian iceitalian islandsitalian language
italian liraitalian milletitalian monetary un…italian parsley
italian peninsulaitalian regionitalian renaissanceitalian republic
italian restaurantitalian riceitalian ryeitalian ryegrass
italian sandwichitalian somalilanditalian sonnetitalian vegetable m…
italian vermouthitalian woodbineitalian-canadianitalian-speaking
italic languageitalic schoolitalic version, theitalica