Found 19,077 definitions starting with H:

high altitude wind …high and dryhigh and lowhigh and mighty
high anglehigh angle firehigh anglican churchhigh anglicanism
high arctichigh arthigh as a kitehigh bar
high bars of commut…high beamhigh bithigh blood pressure
high brasshigh chigh caliberhigh card
high castehigh chairhigh churchhigh cloud security
high colonichigh colorhigh comedyhigh command
high commissionhigh commissionerhigh concepthigh contrast
high cottonhigh countryhigh courthigh court judge
high court of fijihigh crimehigh culturehigh dam
high definitionhigh density networ…high dependency unithigh desert
high dudgeonhigh energyhigh energy physicshigh explosive
high explosive cargohigh fashionhigh fidelityhigh fidelity sound…
high financehigh fivehigh fowlershigh frequency
high fructose corn …high gearhigh gear mediahigh german
high gradehigh groundhigh hathigh heels
high holidayhigh holidayshigh holy dayhigh hopes
high horsehigh impact quality…high islandhigh jinks
high jinxhigh jumphigh jumperhigh justice
high levelhigh lifehigh linehigh liver
high maintenancehigh mallowhigh masshigh middle ages
high mileagehigh mobility group…high mobyhigh muckamuck
high nellyhigh noonhigh notehigh oblique
high on the hoghigh performance fi…high pitchhigh place
high placeshigh pointhigh pressurehigh pressure neuro…
high priesthigh priorityhigh probability tr…high profile
high qualityhigh reliefhigh renaissancehigh rise
high riskhigh roadhigh rollerhigh school
high scorehigh seahigh seashigh season
high sidehigh sierrahigh signhigh society