Found 3,645 definitions starting with BR:

break a lawbreak a legbreak a sweatbreak apart
break awaybreak badbreak breadbreak bulk
break bulk cargobreak campbreak dancebreak dancing
break downbreak evenbreak even pointbreak fast
break freebreak groundbreak inbreak in(to)
break intobreak it downbreak loosebreak media
break my heartbreak new groundbreak of dawnbreak of day
break of servebreak of the daybreak offbreak one off
break one's backbreak ones duckbreak ones fallbreak ones fast
break ones lancebreak openbreak outbreak out in
break pointbreak ranksbreak roombreak seal
break shortbreak silencebreak someone's hea…break someones heart
break stridebreak the back ofbreak the bankbreak the buck
break the deadlockbreak the fourth wa…break the icebreak the mold
break the newsbreak the sabbathbreak the sealbreak through
break upbreak waterbreak windbreak with
break youbreak-actionbreak-axebreak-building
break-bulkbreak-circuitbreak-dancebreak-down switch
break-evenbreak-even pointbreak-inbreak-up
breakbeatbreakbone feverbreakbulk cargobreakbulk ship
breakdownbreakdown pointbreakerbreaker angle
breaker pointbreakersbreakers yardbreakeven load fact…
breakfastbreakfast areabreakfast barbreakfast cereal
breakfast clubbreakfast foodbreakfast in bedbreakfast nook
breakfast of champi…breakfast tablebreakfast timebreakfast-time