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a life of its owna likely story!a littlea little bit
a little bit of bre…a little from colum…a long haula losing streak
a lota majora mana man apart
a man is known by t…a man of actiona man of meansa man of the people
a mans home is his …a matter of coursea matter of opiniona matter of time
a mensa et thoroa milliona million timesa minor
a minusa miss is as good a…a momenta month of sundays
a mothera mouthfula moviea murderer
a near missa need fora negativea new broom sweeps …
a new leafa new lifea nod is as good as…a non domino
a notch abovea numbera oneà outrance
a pain in the necka penny saved is a …a peoplea piacere
a picture is worth …a picture paints a …a place of safetya plot
a plusa positivea posterioria priori
à proposà propos de bottesa put-up joba question
a quick drop and a …a quiet streeta race against timea rainy day
a raw deala riddle wrapped up…a rising tide lifts…a river
a roada rolla rolling stone gat…a safe place
a satire of the thr…a scholar and a gen…a sharpa short meaning fo…
a shot in the arma shot in the darka show of handsa single
a slice of lifea smack on the cheeka small mattera spoonful of sugar…
a sporting chancea sprat to catch a …a square deala stitch in time sa…
a stone's throwa stopped clock is …a storm in a teacupa story
a straight fighta super lota sure thinga sweet tooth
a tale of a tuba tall ordera tall storya team
a tempoa thing or twoa thousanda tight corner
a tight corner/spota to za toucha touch of class
a treata trick of the tradea triflea trillion
a unita valuea virgina walk in the park
a watched pot never…a week (on/next) fr…a week last friday …a western