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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Zechariah, Zacharias(noun)

    a Hebrew minor prophet of the late 6th century BC

  2. Zechariah, Zacharias, Book of Zachariah(noun)

    an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Zechariah which are concerned mainly with the renewal of Israel after the Babylonian Captivity


  1. Zacharias(ProperNoun)

    The father of John the Baptist.

  2. Zacharias(ProperNoun)


  3. Origin: From the New Testament Greek form of Old Testament Zachariah and Zechariah, Hebrew secharyah "Yahweh has remembered".

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Zacharias

    Pope from 741 to 752; succeeded Gregory III.; set aside the Merovingian dynasty and sanctioned the elevation of Pepin the Short to the throne of France, in return for which Pepin twice over saved Rome from the Lombards.


  1. Zechariah

    Zechariah is a figure in the Bible and the Quran. In the Bible, he is the father of John the Baptist, a priest of the sons of Aaron, a prophet in Luke 1:67–79, and the husband of Elizabeth who is a relative of Mary the mother of Jesus. In the Qur'an, Zechariah plays a similar role as the father of Yahya. He is ranked as a prophet alongside Yahya and Jesus and his role as one of the men of God is frequently referenced in verses of the Qur'an.

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