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    Success is not really all about what you've acquired, it transcends that. It is more of what you've succeeded in doing with it (what you've acquired). Besides, what you have or what you know does not really count. Oh! yes, what counts is just the lives you've enriched or touched with it. I mean, whatever you have or whatever you know is insignificant, until and unless you enrich someone else or others with it. You can say I said so. ~Emeasoba George

  2. Emeasoba George:

    If you've succeeded in giving hope to the hopeless, you've (unknowingly) equally succeeded in achieving immortality. As well, if you've succeeded in enriching someone else's life or other people's lives. Then, believe you me, you've equally succeeded in achieving immortality. For, what it takes to achieve immortality is just to give hope (future) to the hopeless (the futureless) or rather to enrich someone else's life or other people's lives. Thus, do you long to achieve immortality eventually? If Yes then, endeavour to give hope (future) to the hopeless (the futureless) or better still, strive to enrich someone else's life or other people's lives as much as you can and as long as you live. ~Emeasoba George


    The END counts more than the beginning. Yes of course, it's only he or she that endures to the end or rather it is he or she that holds firm to his or her faith that will be saved at last. Moreover, it's the end of a vision, aspiration or dream that proves whether it's ordinary or extraordinary, true or false. Also, it's he or she that perseveres or persists to the end that can and will leap or reap the reward for hard-work i.e. genuine success. Likewise, it's he or she that eventually reaches or crosses the finish line that emerges a winner in a race. Besides, it's your last thoughts, words and actions that will determine your salvation or damnation on the day of reckoning. As a matter of fact, it's better for you to begin badly in anything or something and afterwards end up well. Than for you to begin well and finally end up badly. Because, that will entail nothing else but a tragedy. Thus, you've to be more concerned with what will be your end rather than your beginning, QED. ~Emeasoba George


    God can rewrite your story. Yes of course, in case you don't know. God can rewrite your story from being miserable to being enviable and from the worst to the best. As a matter of fact, he (God) rewrote the story of Jabez. And that's why, he changed his name and enlarged his coast too, scripture reference (1st Chronicles 4:10). Moreover, he (God) equally rewrote the story of Joseph. Now, that's why he made him (Joseph) a prime minister/general overseer in a foreign country (Egypt) to be specific, scripture reference (Genesis 41 : 41-45). As well, he (God) rewrote the story of Esther. And that's why she (Esther) surprisingly became a queen in a foreign nation (Babylon) to be precise, scripture reference (Esther 2:17). Besides, God rewrote the story of David. And that's why, he (God) transformed him (David) from being an ordinary shepherd to being the most celebrated king of Israel, scripture reference (1st Samuel 16 : 1-13). Now, the above instances truly signify that, God can surely and­ ­effortlessly rewrite your own story, no matter how bad or miserable it seems to you. Listen up, all you've got to do is just to trust in him (God) undoubtedly. And then, wait patiently on him to change your story or condition at his own time and not at your own time. ~Emeasoba George


    Faith is of paramount importance. As a matter of fact, it takes faith to persevere all through hard times, trials and challenges. Moreover, it takes faith to believe that what the future or tomorrow holds in stock is far much greater than whatever the past or yesterday has already offered i.e. it takes faith to acknowledge and believe it is possible that the best or the greatest of good old days or yester years is probable to become the worst or the least of what is yet to come i.e. what is ahead of you. Besides, it takes faith to leap and reap God's promises, healing, health, breakthrough and even salvation of human soul. Yes! it is written in (John 11:40) "if only you would believe, you shall see or receive the glory of God". Permit me to tell you that the importance of faith is synonymous with importance of love and money. Oh! yes, love is also of paramount importance. No wonder the scripture says in (1st Corianthians 13:2) It says "whoever that doesn't love is "NOTHING" i.e. irrespective of your social status, qualification and affluence. For the fact you don't love all and sundry, you are "WORTHLESS" in God's sight. Come to think of money, the scripture says in (Ecclesiastes 10:19) it says "money answers all things and not at all some things''. Obviously that infers, as long as you are still living you can't do without money. Moreover, with regard to faith itself which is the subject matter, the scripture says in (Hebrews 10:38) it says "the just shall live by faith, but if anyone draws back my soul will have no pleasure in him" i.e. the person in question. Likewise, the scripture says in (Hebrews 11: 6) it says, "without faith it is impossible to please God". Now, all of the above indicates, it takes nothing else to please God almighty except faith. Besides, all of the above illustrations evidently signifies, faith is truly of paramount importance. So, if you've been faithless all the while. Hence forth, reawaken your senses and then become and remain faithful no matter what happens. I mean, admit the importance of faith, imbibe it (faith) as your attitude, profess it convincingly and undoubtedly too. As well, live with/by it on daily basis. For, that's just expected of you. ~Emeasoba George.


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