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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation:

    to yield 40 bushels to the acre.

    Category: Agriculture

  2. to produce or furnish (profit).

    Category: Business

  3. to give up, as to superior power or authority:

    yielded the fort to the enemy.

  4. to relinquish:

    to yield the floor to the senator from Ohio.

  5. to give as due or required:

    to yield obedience.

  6. (v.i.)to give a return, as for labor expended; produce or bear.

  7. to surrender to superior power.

  8. to give way to influence, entreaty, or the like:

    to yield to outrageous demands.

  9. to give place or precedence (usu. fol. by to):

    to yield to the next speaker.

  10. to give way to force, pressure, etc.; collapse.

  11. (n.)the act of yielding or producing.

  12. the quantity or amount yielded.

  13. the income produced by a financial investment, usu. shown as a percentage of cost.

    Category: Business

  14. Chem. the quantity of product formed by the interaction of two or more substances, generally expressed as a percentage of the quantity obtained to that theoretically obtainable.

    Category: Chemistry

  15. something given up or relinquished.

  16. a measure of the destructive energy of a nuclear explosion, expressed in kilotons of the amount of TNT that would produce the same destruction.

    Category: Physics

* Syn: yield , submit , surrender mean to give way or give up to a person or thing. To yield is to relinquish or concede under some degree of pressure, either from a position of weakness or from one of advantage: to yield ground to an enemy; to yield the right of way. To submit is to give up more completely to authority or superior force and to cease opposition, usu. with reluctance: The mutineers finally submitted to the captain's orders. To surrender is to give up complete possession of and claim to, usu. after resistance: to surrender a fortress; to surrender one's rights.

Origin of yield:

bef. 900; OE g(i)eldan to pay, c. OS geldan, OHG geltan, ON gjalda, to restore, pay, Go fragildan to repay; akin to geld2, wergild


Princeton's WordNet

  1. surrenderer, yielder(noun)

    a person who yields or surrenders


  1. yielder(Noun)

    Someone or something that yields a crop or other product

  2. yielder(Noun)

    Someone or something that yields, or gives way

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yielder(noun)

    one who yields


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