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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hankering, yen(noun)

    a yearning for something or to do something

  2. yen(verb)

    the basic unit of money in Japan; equal to 100 sen

  3. ache, yearn, yen, pine, languish(verb)

    have a desire for something or someone who is not present

    "She ached for a cigarette"; "I am pining for my lover"


  1. Yen(n.)

    The unit of value and account in Japan. The yen is equal to 100 sen. From Japan's adoption of the gold standard, in 1897, to about 1913 the value of the yen was about 50 cents. In 1997 and 1998 the value of the yen varied from 80 per U. S. dollar to 120 per dollar.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yen

    of Ye

  2. Yen(noun)

    the unit of value and account in Japan. Since Japan's adoption of the gold standard, in 1897, the value of the yen has been about 50 cents. The yen is equal to 100 sen

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Kaneo Ogino:

    The yen's upside is heavy.

  2. Yutaka Miura:

    A weak yen and rising U.S. futures dominate market sentiment today.

  3. Etsuro Honda:

    It would not be good if (the yen) were to deviate from the fundamentals.

  4. Richard Benson:

    The commonly-held view of continuous yen depreciation is being questioned now.

  5. Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn:

    What we see is a much more competitive yen that allows exports to be feasible.

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