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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to have an earnest or strong desire; long.

  2. to feel tenderness; be moved.

* Syn: yearn , long , hanker , pine all mean to feel a strong desire for something. yearn stresses the depth and power of the desire: to yearn to begin a new life. long implies a wholehearted desire for something that seems unattainable: to long to relive one's childhood. hanker suggests a restless craving: to hanker after fame and fortune. pine adds the notion of physical or emotional suffering due to the real or apparent hopelessness of one's desire: to pine for a lost love.

Origin of yearn:

bef. 900; ME yernen, OE giernan, der. of georn eager, c. OS, OHG gern, Go -gairns desirous; akin to Gk chaírein to rejoice, Skt háryati (he) desires


Princeton's WordNet

  1. longer, thirster, yearner(noun)

    a person with a strong desire for something

    "a longer for money"; "a thirster after blood"; "a yearner for knowledge"


  1. yearner(Noun)

    someone who yearns


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