Definitions for yareyɛər or, esp. for 1,2 , yɑr

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  1. yare(Adjective)


  2. yare(Adjective)

    yar, lively, agile, handy

  3. yare(Adjective)

    Easily manageable and answering readily to the helm

  4. Origin: From yare, ȝare, from gearu, from garwaz, from gʰrebʰ-. Cognate with gaar, gar, görr, gerr.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yare(noun)

    ready; dexterous; eager; lively; quick to move

  2. Yare(adverb)


  3. Origin: [OE. yare, aru, AS. gearu; akin to OS. garu, OHG. garo, G. gar, Icel. gerr perfect, grva quite, G. gerben to tan, to curry, OHG. garawen, garwen, to make ready. Cf. Carouse, Garb clothing, Gear, n.]


  1. Yare

    Yare is an album by Yavuz Bingöl released on April 26, 2007.

Anagrams for yare »

  1. ayre, Ayre, year

  2. Aery

  3. Ayre

  4. Year

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