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xy•lanˈzaɪ læn(n.)

  1. the pentosan occurring in woody tissue that hydrolyzes to xylose.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of xylan:

1890–95; < Gk xýl(on) wood


  1. xylan(Noun)

    A polysaccharide, consisting of xylose residues, found in the cell walls of some algae and plants


  1. Xylan

    Xylan is a type of highly complex polysaccharides that are found in plant cell walls and some algae. Xylans are polysaccharides made from units of xylose. Xylans are almost as ubiquitous as cellulose in plant cell walls and contain predominantly β-D-xylose units linked as in cellulose. Xylan is found in the cell walls of some green algae, especially macrophytic siphonous genera, where it replaces cellulose. Similarly, it replaces the inner fibrillar cell-wall layer of cellulose in some red algae. Xylan is one of the foremost anti-nutritional factors in common use feedstuff raw materials.


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