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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

wor•shipˈwɜr ʃɪp(n.; v.)-shiped or shipped, -ship•ing or -ship•ping.

  1. (n.)reverent honor and homage paid to God or a sacred personage, or to any object regarded as sacred.

  2. formal or ceremonious rendering of such honor and homage:

    to attend worship on Sundays.

  3. adoring reverence or regard.

  4. the object of adoring reverence or regard.

  5. (cap.)Brit. and Canadian.a title of honor used of certain magistrates and others of high rank or station (usu. prec. by Your, His, or Her).

    Category: British

  6. (v.t.)to render religious reverence and homage to.

  7. to feel an adoring reverence or regard for (any person or thing).

  8. (v.i.)to render religious reverence and homage, as to a deity.

  9. to attend services of divine worship.

  10. to feel an adoring reverence or regard.

Origin of worship:

bef. 900; (n.) ME wors(c)hipe, worthssipe, OE worthscipe, var. of weorthscipe; see worth1, -ship


Princeton's WordNet

  1. worship(noun)

    the activity of worshipping

  2. worship, adoration(verb)

    a feeling of profound love and admiration

  3. idolize, idolise, worship, hero-worship, revere(verb)

    love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol

    "Many teenagers idolized the Beatles"

  4. worship(verb)

    show devotion to (a deity)

    "Many Hindus worship Shiva"

  5. worship(verb)

    attend religious services

    "They worship in the traditional manner"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. worship(noun)ˈwɜr ʃɪp

    the practice of worshiping a god

    They knelt in worship.

  2. worship(verb)ˈwɜr ʃɪp

    to pray to honor a god

    Let us worship.; They worship many gods.

  3. worshipˈwɜr ʃɪp

    to love and admire very much

    He worshiped his grandfather.


  1. worship(Noun)

    The condition of being worthy; honour, distinction.

  2. worship(Noun)

    The devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object

  3. worship(Noun)

    The religious ceremonies that express this devotion

  4. worship(Noun)

    The ardent love of a person

  5. worship(Verb)

    To honor and adore, especially as a deity.

  6. worship(Verb)

    To participate in religious ceremonies.

  7. Worship(Noun)

    A form of address of a mayor and other dignitaries

  8. Worship(Noun)

    A form of address of a mayor.

  9. Origin: weorþscipe, corresponding to .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Worship(adj)

    excellence of character; dignity; worth; worthiness

  2. Worship(adj)

    honor; respect; civil deference

  3. Worship(adj)

    hence, a title of honor, used in addresses to certain magistrates and others of rank or station

  4. Worship(adj)

    the act of paying divine honors to the Supreme Being; religious reverence and homage; adoration, or acts of reverence, paid to God, or a being viewed as God

  5. Worship(adj)

    obsequious or submissive respect; extravagant admiration; adoration

  6. Worship(adj)

    an object of worship

  7. Worship(verb)

    to respect; to honor; to treat with civil reverence

  8. Worship(verb)

    to pay divine honors to; to reverence with supreme respect and veneration; to perform religious exercises in honor of; to adore; to venerate

  9. Worship(verb)

    to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission, as a lover; to adore; to idolize

  10. Worship(verb)

    to perform acts of homage or adoration; esp., to perform religious service


  1. Worship

    Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship—to give, at its simplest, worth to something. Evelyn Underhill defines worship thus: "The absolute acknowledgment of all that lies beyond us—the glory that fills heaven and earth. It is the response that conscious beings make to their Creator, to the Eternal Reality from which they came forth; to God, however they may think of Him or recognize Him, and whether He be realized through religion, through nature, through history, through science, art, or human life and character." Worship asserts the reality of its object and defines its meaning by reference to it. An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'worship' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4501

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'worship' in Nouns Frequency: #2468

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to pay great honour to

to worship God.

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