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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

whiffʰwɪf, wɪf(n.)

  1. a slight gust or puff of wind, air, vapor, smoke, or the like.

  2. a slight trace of odor or smell:

    a whiff of onions.

  3. a single inhalation or exhalation of air, tobacco smoke, etc.

  4. a trace or hint:

    a whiff of scandal.

  5. (v.i.)to blow or come in whiffs or puffs, as wind or smoke.

  6. to inhale or exhale whiffs, as in smoking tobacco.

  7. Baseball.

    Category: Sport

    Ref: fan1 (def. 15). 1 1 22

  8. (v.t.)to blow or drive with a whiff or puff, as the wind does.

  9. to inhale or exhale (air, tobacco smoke, etc.) in whiffs.

  10. to smoke (a pipe, cigar, etc.).

  11. Baseball.

    Category: Sport

    Ref: fan1 (def. 11). 1 1 17

Origin of whiff:

1585–95; of expressive orig.; cf. ME weffe whiff of steam


Princeton's WordNet

  1. puff, puff of air, whiff(noun)

    a short light gust of air

  2. whiff(noun)

    a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil

  3. whiff(verb)

    a strikeout resulting from the batter swinging at and missing the ball for the third strike

  4. sniff, whiff(verb)

    perceive by inhaling through the nose

    "sniff the perfume"

  5. whiff(verb)

    drive or carry as if by a puff of air

    "The gust of air whiffed away the clouds"

  6. whiff(verb)

    strike out by swinging and missing the pitch charged as the third

  7. puff, whiff(verb)

    smoke and exhale strongly

    "puff a cigar"; "whiff a pipe"

  8. whiff(verb)

    utter with a puff of air

    "whiff out a prayer"


  1. whiff(Noun)

    A waft; a brief, gentle breeze; a light gust of air

  2. whiff(Noun)

    An odour carried briefly through the air

  3. whiff(Noun)

    A short inhalation of breath, especially of smoke from a cigarette or pipe

  4. whiff(Noun)

    A strike (from the batteru2019s perspective)

  5. whiff(Noun)

    The megrim, a fish with scientific name Lepidorhombus boscii or Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis

  6. whiff(Verb)

    To waft.

  7. whiff(Verb)

    To sniff.

  8. whiff(Verb)

    To strike out.

  9. whiff(Verb)

    (slang) to attempt to strike and miss, especially being off-balance/vulnerable after missing.

  10. whiff(Adjective)

    Having a strong or unpleasant odor.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Whiff(noun)

    a sudden expulsion of air from the mouth; a quick puff or slight gust, as of air or smoke

  2. Whiff(noun)

    a glimpse; a hasty view

  3. Whiff(noun)

    the marysole, or sail fluke

  4. Whiff(verb)

    to throw out in whiffs; to consume in whiffs; to puff

  5. Whiff(verb)

    to carry or convey by a whiff, or as by a whiff; to puff or blow away

  6. Whiff(verb)

    to emit whiffs, as of smoke; to puff

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a sudden puff (of air, smoke, smell etc)

a whiff of petrol; a whiff of cigar smoke.

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