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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wale, welt, weal, wheal(noun)

    a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions

  2. welt(verb)

    a raised or strengthened seam

  3. flog, welt, whip, lather, lash, slash, strap, trounce(verb)

    beat severely with a whip or rod

    "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"

  4. welt(verb)

    put a welt on

    "welt the shoes"


  1. welt(n.)

    A raised ridge on the surface of the skin, produced by a blow, as from a stick or whip; a wale; a weal; as, to raise welts on the back with a whip.

  2. welt(n.)

    A blow that produces a welt.

  3. Origin: [OE. welte, probably fr. W. gwald a hem, a welt, gwaldu to welt or to hem.]


  1. welt(Noun)

    A raised mark on the body caused by a blow; a wheal or weal.

  2. welt(Noun)

    A strip of leather set into the seam between the outsole of a shoe and the upper, through which these parts are joined by stitching or stapling.

  3. welt(Noun)

    A strip of material or covered cord applied to a seam or garment edge to strengthen or cover it.

  4. welt(Verb)

    To cause to have welts, to beat.

  5. welt(Verb)

    To install welt (a welt or welts) to reinforce.

  6. Origin: c.1425, a shoemaker's term. Meaning "ridge on the skin from a wound" first recorded 1800.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Welt(noun)

    that which, being sewed or otherwise fastened to an edge or border, serves to guard, strengthen, or adorn it

  2. Welt(noun)

    a small cord covered with cloth and sewed on a seam or border to strengthen it; an edge of cloth folded on itself, usually over a cord, and sewed down

  3. Welt(noun)

    a hem, border, or fringe

  4. Welt(noun)

    in shoemaking, a narrow strip of leather around a shoe, between the upper leather and sole

  5. Welt(noun)

    in steam boilers and sheet-iron work, a strip riveted upon the edges of plates that form a butt joint

  6. Welt(noun)

    in carpentry, a strip of wood fastened over a flush seam or joint, or an angle, to strengthen it

  7. Welt(noun)

    in machine-made stockings, a strip, or flap, of which the heel is formed

  8. Welt(noun)

    a narrow border, as of an ordinary, but not extending around the ends

  9. Welt(verb)

    to furnish with a welt; to sew or fasten a welt on; as, to welt a boot or a shoe; to welt a sleeve

  10. Welt(verb)

    to wilt

  11. Origin: [OE. welte, probably fr. W. gwald a hem, a welt, gwaldu to welt or to hem.]


  1. welt

    Welt is the first album by the band ohGr, formed by Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, and musician/engineer Mark Walk. The song Water has been featured in the motion pictures Life as a House and for the end titles in Kill Theory.

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