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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

war•renˈwɔr ən, ˈwɒr-(n.)

  1. a place where rabbits breed or abound.

    Category: Zoology

  2. a building or area containing many inhabitants in crowded quarters.

  3. a mazelike place containing many passageways or small rooms.

Origin of warren:

1350–1400; ME warenne < AF; OF g(u)arenne < Gmc *warinne game park =*war-, base of *warjan to defend +*-inne fem. n. suffix

War•renˈwɔr ən, ˈwɒr-(n.)

  1. Earl, 1891–1974, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1953–69.

    Category: Biography

  2. Robert Penn, 1905–89, U.S. novelist and poet: named the first U.S. poet laureate 1986–87.

    Category: Biography

  3. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 138,078.

    Category: Geography (places)

  4. a city in NE Ohio, NW of Youngstown. 51,640.

    Category: Geography (places)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Warren, Robert Penn Warren(noun)

    United States writer and poet (1905-1989)

  2. Warren, Earl Warren(noun)

    United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)

  3. warren, rabbit warren(noun)

    a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits

  4. warren, rabbit warren(noun)

    an overcrowded residential area

  5. warren(noun)

    a colony of rabbits


  1. warren(Noun)

    The system of burrows where rabbits live.

  2. warren(Noun)

    A mazelike place of dark alleys etc in which it's easy to lose oneself; especially one that may be overcrowded.

  3. Warren(ProperNoun)


  4. Origin: Two different Norman surnames, one from a given name war(in) "guard", another from a place La Varenne "the game park" in Normandy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Warren(noun)

    a place privileged, by prescription or grant the king, for keeping certain animals (as hares, conies, partridges, pheasants, etc.) called beasts and fowls of warren

  2. Warren(noun)

    a privilege which one has in his lands, by royal grant or prescription, of hunting and taking wild beasts and birds of warren, to the exclusion of any other person not entering by his permission

  3. Warren(noun)

    a piece of ground for the breeding of rabbits

  4. Warren(noun)

    a place for keeping flash, in a river

Anagrams of warren

  1. warner, Warner

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a place where many rabbits have their burrows.

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