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  1. War of the Spanish Succession(noun)

    a general war in Europe (1701-1714) that broke out when Louis XIV installed his grandson on the throne of Spain; England and Holland hoped to limit Louis' power


  1. War of the Spanish Succession

    The War of the Spanish Succession was fought between two alliances of European powers, including a divided Spain, over who had the right to succeed Charles II as king of Spain. Spain suffered a steep decline in the second half of the 17th century under the reign of its last Habsburg king Charles II, so that by 1700 its neglected forces were barely considered those of a first rate power. However, it still possessed an immense territorial domain, including Milan and southern Italy, the southern Netherlands, the Philippines, vast territories in the Americas, and various other smaller territories and islands, making it by far the largest European empire. For this reason, other European powers felt that the possible unification of Spain with France would drastically alter the European balance of power in favour of the French throne. The war was fought primarily by forces supporting the Bourbon candidate – the Spanish loyal to Philip V, France, and the Electorate of Bavaria, together known as the Two Crowns – against those supporting the Austrian candidate – the so-called Grand Alliance among the Spanish loyal to Archduke Charles, the Holy Roman Empire, Great Britain, the Dutch Republic, Portugal and the Duchy of Savoy.


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