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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wallflower(noun)

    any of numerous plants of the genus Erysimum having fragrant yellow or orange or brownish flowers

  2. wallflower, Cheiranthus cheiri, Erysimum cheiri(noun)

    perennial of southern Europe having clusters of fragrant flowers of all colors especially yellow and orange; often naturalized on old walls or cliffs; sometimes placed in genus Erysimum

  3. wallflower(noun)

    remains on sidelines at social event


  1. wallflower(Noun)

    Several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum genus with bright yellow to red flowers.

  2. wallflower(Noun)

    A person who is socially awkward, especially one who does not dance at a party due to shyness.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wallflower(noun)

    a perennial, cruciferous plant (Cheiranthus Cheiri), with sweet-scented flowers varying in color from yellow to orange and deep red. In Europe it very common on old walls

  2. Wallflower(noun)

    a lady at a ball, who, either from choice, or because not asked to dance, remains a spectator


  1. Erysimum

    Erysimum is a genus of flowering plants in the botanical family Brassicaceae, that includes about 180 species, both popular garden plants and many wild forms. The genus Cheiranthus is sometimes included here in whole or in part. Erysimum has recently been ascribed to a monogeneric cruciferous tribe, Erysimeae. This tribe is characterized by sessile, stellate and/or malpighiaceous trichomes, yellow to orange flowers and multiseeded siliques.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Chris Christie:

    I'm no wallflower, i'll let folks know what I'm going to be.

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