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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. of or pertaining to persons who walk into an office or store from the street without an appointment.

  2. large enough to be walked into:

    a walk-in closet.

  3. (n.)a customer, patient, etc., who arrives without an appointment.

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  4. something large enough to be walked into, as a refrigerator.

  5. an assured victory.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. walk-in(noun)

    person who walks in without having an appointment

    "the emergency room was overrun with walk-ins"

  2. walk-in(noun)

    an operative who initiates his own defection (usually to a hostile country) for political asylum

  3. walk-in, waltz(noun)

    an assured victory (especially in an election)

  4. walk-in(adj)

    a small room large enough to admit entrance

  5. walk-in(a)(verb)

    (of e.g. closets or refrigerators) extending very far enough back to allow a person to enter

    "a deep walk-in refrigerator"; "walk-in closets"

  6. walk in(verb)

    enter by walking

    "She walks in at all hours, as if she lived here"


  1. walk-in(Noun)

    a walk-in room or closet

  2. walk-in(Noun)

    a walk-in defector etc.

  3. walk-in(Adjective)

    that people may enter without a prior appointment

  4. walk-in(Adjective)

    that gains access through unlocked doors


  1. Walk-in

    A walk-in is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.


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