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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

wa•gerˈweɪ dʒər(n.)

  1. something risked or staked on an uncertain event; bet.

  2. the act of betting.

  3. the subject or terms of a bet.

  4. (v.t.)to risk (something) on the outcome of a contest, event, etc.; bet.

  5. Hist. to pledge oneself to (battle) for the decision of a cause.

  6. (v.i.)to make or offer a wager; bet.

Origin of wager:

1275–1325; ME wajour, wager solemn pledge < AF wageure=wage(r) to pledge (see wage ) +-ure -ure


Princeton's WordNet

  1. bet, wager(noun)

    the act of gambling

    "he did it on a bet"

  2. stake, stakes, bet, wager(verb)

    the money risked on a gamble

  3. bet, wager, play(verb)

    stake on the outcome of an issue

    "I bet $100 on that new horse"; "She played all her money on the dark horse"

  4. bet, wager(verb)

    maintain with or as if with a bet

    "I bet she will be there!"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wager(verb)

    something deposited, laid, or hazarded on the event of a contest or an unsettled question; a bet; a stake; a pledge

  2. Wager(verb)

    a contract by which two parties or more agree that a certain sum of money, or other thing, shall be paid or delivered to one of them, on the happening or not happening of an uncertain event

  3. Wager(verb)

    that on which bets are laid; the subject of a bet

  4. Wager(verb)

    to hazard on the issue of a contest, or on some question that is to be decided, or on some casualty; to lay; to stake; to bet

  5. Wager(verb)

    to make a bet; to lay a wager

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a bet

We made a wager that he would win.

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