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Princeton's WordNet

  1. vote, voter turnout(noun)

    the total number of voters who participated

    "they are expecting a large vote"


  1. Voter turnout

    Voter turnout is the percentage of eligible voters who cast a ballot in an election. After increasing for many decades, there has been a trend of decreasing voter turnout in most established democracies since the 1960s. In general, low turnout may be due to disenchantment, indifference, or contentment. Low turnout is often considered to be undesirable, and there is much debate over the factors that affect turnout and how to increase it. In spite of significant study into the issue, scholars are divided on reasons for the decline. Its cause has been attributed to a wide array of economic, demographic, cultural, technological, and institutional factors. There have been many efforts to increase turnout and encourage voting. Different countries have very different voter turnouts. For example, in the United States 2008 presidential election turnout was 64% and 68% among African Americans. In Belgium, which has compulsory voting, and Malta, which does not, participation reaches 95%. These differences are caused by a mix of cultural and institutional factors.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Dan Quayle:

    A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls.

  2. Bernie Sanders:

    So I believe, quite honestly, that with the enthusiasm that we are generating, with the kind of voter turnout that I think we can bring out -- look, Republicans win when people are demoralized and the voter turnout is low.

  3. President Obama:

    I think we had a great record for members of Congress to run on and I don't think we -- myself and the Democratic Party -- made as good of a case as we should have, and you know, as a consequence, we had really low voter turnout, and the results were bad.

  4. Bernie Sanders:

    I believe we are the stronger campaign to defeat that right wing Republican, the way Democrats win elections is when there is a large voter turnout ... I think our campaign has the capability to bring out a lot of working people, a lot of young people who in the past have not been involved in politics.

  5. Bernie Sanders:

    Democrats will not retain the White House, will not regain the Senate or the U.S. House, will not be successful in dozens of governors races all across this country, unless we generated excitement and momentum and produce a huge voter turnout, that turnout, that enthusiasm, will not happen with politics as usual.


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