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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vo•ra•ciousvɔˈreɪ ʃəs, voʊ-, və-(adj.)

  1. craving or consuming large quantities of food:

    a voracious appetite.

  2. exceedingly eager or avid; insatiable:

    a voracious reader.

Origin of voracious:

1625–35; < L vorāx, s. vorāc-, adj. der. of vorāre to eat ravenously, devour ; see -acious

vo•ra′cious•ness-ˈræs ɪ ti(n.)

vo•rac′i•ty-ˈræs ɪ ti(n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. rapacious, ravening, voracious(adj)

    excessively greedy and grasping

    "a rapacious divorcee on the prowl"; "ravening creditors"; "paying taxes to voracious governments"

  2. edacious, esurient, rapacious, ravening, ravenous, voracious, wolfish(adj)

    devouring or craving food in great quantities

    "edacious vultures"; "a rapacious appetite"; "ravenous as wolves"; "voracious sharks"


  1. voracious(Adjective)

    Wanting or devouring great quantities of food.

  2. voracious(Adjective)

    Having a great appetite for anything (e.g., a voracious reader).

  3. Origin: From vorax, from voro.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Voracious(adj)

    greedy in eating; very hungry; eager to devour or swallow; ravenous; gluttonous; edacious; rapacious; as, a voracious man or appetite; a voracious gulf or whirlpool


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