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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vo•lu•mi•nousvəˈlu mə nəs(adj.)

  1. filling or sufficient to fill a volume or volumes:

    a voluminous correspondence.

  2. writing copiously or at great length:

    a voluminous writer.

  3. of great volume, size, or extent.

  4. having ample folds or fullness:

    voluminous skirts.

  5. having many coils, convolutions, or windings.

Origin of voluminous:

1605–15; < LL volūminōsus full of folds, der. of L volūmen (see volume )

vo•lu′mi•nous•ness-ˈnɒs ɪ ti(n.)

vo•lu`mi•nos′i•ty-ˈnɒs ɪ ti(n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. voluminous(adj)

    large in volume or bulk

    "a voluminous skirt"

  2. tortuous, twisting, twisty, winding, voluminous(adj)

    marked by repeated turns and bends

    "a tortuous road up the mountain"; "winding roads are full of surprises"; "had to steer the car down a twisty track"

  3. copious, voluminous(adj)

    large in number or quantity (especially of discourse)

    "she took copious notes"; "a subject of voluminous legislation"


  1. voluminous(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to volume or volumes.

  2. voluminous(Adjective)

    Consisting of many folds, coils, or convolutions.

  3. voluminous(Adjective)

    Of great volume, or bulk; large.

  4. voluminous(Adjective)

    Having written much, or produced many volumes; copious; diffuse; as, a voluminous writer.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Voluminous(adj)

    of or pertaining to volume or volumes

  2. Voluminous(adj)

    consisting of many folds, coils, or convolutions

  3. Voluminous(adj)

    of great volume, or bulk; large

  4. Voluminous(adj)

    having written much, or produced many volumes; copious; diffuse; as, a voluminous writer


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