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  1. VMS(ProperNoun)

    "Virtual Memory System" the operating system for the DEC VAX series of computers

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. VMS

    DEC's proprietary operating system for its VAX minicomputer; one of the seven or so environments that loom largest in hacker folklore. Many Unix fans generously concede that VMS would probably be the hacker's favorite commercial OS if Unix didn't exist; though true, this makes VMS fans furious. One major hacker gripe with VMS concerns its slowness — thus the following limerick:    There once was a system called VMS    Of cycles by no means abstemious.         It's chock-full of hacks         And runs on a VAX    And makes my poor stomach all squeamious.                                     — The Great Quux See also VAX, TOPS-10, TOPS-20, Unix, runic.


  1. OpenVMS

    OpenVMS is a computer operating system for use in general purpose computing. It is the successor to the VMS Operating System, that was produced by Digital Equipment Corporation since 1977 for its series of VAX-11 minicomputers and its line of desktop workstations. The name VMS is derived from virtual memory system, according to one of its principal architectural features. OpenVMS also runs on the Itanium-based families of computers. OpenVMS is a proprietary operating system, but the source code is available for purchase. Thus, it is not considered open source software. OpenVMS contains a graphical user interface, a feature that was not available on the original VAX-11/VMS system, but was added for the VAXstation systems. DEC became one of the three top-selling workstation manufacturers, with models spanning the 1980s and 1990s. Previously, the operating system was exclusively used and managed from CRT terminals, such as the VT100, that provide serial data communications and screen-oriented display features.

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