Definitions for vivariumvaɪˈvɛər i əm, vɪ-; -ˈvɛər i ə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vi•var•i•umvaɪˈvɛər i əm, vɪ-; -ˈvɛər i ə(n.)(pl.)-var•i•ums, -var•i•a

  1. a place, as a laboratory, where live animals or plants are kept under conditions simulating their natural environment, as for research.

Origin of vivarium:

1590–1600; < L vīvārium=vīv(us) living (see vital ) +-ārium -ary

Princeton's WordNet

  1. vivarium(noun)

    an indoor enclosure for keeping and raising living animals and plants and observing them under natural conditions


  1. vivarium(Noun)

    A place artificially arranged for keeping or raising living animals.

  2. Origin: From vivarium.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vivarium(noun)

    a place artificially arranged for keeping or raising living animals, as a park, a pond, an aquarium, a warren, etc


  1. Vivarium

    A vivarium is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research. Often, a portion of the ecosystem for a particular species is simulated on a smaller scale, with controls for environmental conditions. A vivarium may be small enough to sit on a desk or table, such as a terrarium or an aquarium, or may be a very large structure, possibly outdoors. Large vivaria, particularly those holding organisms capable of flight, typically include some sort of a dual-door mechanism such as a sally port for entry and exit, so that the outer door can be closed to prevent escape before the inner door is opened.


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