Definitions for vis-à-visˌvi zəˈvi; Fr. vi zaˈvi; -ˈviz; Fr. -ˈvi

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vis-à-visˌvi zəˈvi; Fr. vi zaˈvi; -ˈviz; Fr. -ˈvi(adv.; adj.; prep.; n.)(pl.)-vis

  1. (adv.)face to face.

  2. (adj.)face-to-face.

  3. (prep.)in relation to:

    income vis-à-vis expenditures.

  4. facing; opposite.

  5. (n.)a person face-to-face with or situated opposite to another.

  6. a person of equal authority, rank, or the like.

  7. a carriage in which the occupants sit face to face.

  8. Category: Furniture

    Ref: tête-à-tête (def. 2). 2

Origin of vis-à-vis:

1745–55; < F

Princeton's WordNet

  1. counterpart, opposite number, vis-a-vis(noun)

    a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another

  2. love seat, loveseat, tete-a-tete, vis-a-vis(adverb)

    small sofa that seats two people

  3. vis-a-vis(adverb)

    face-to-face with; literally `face to face'

    "they sat vis-a-vis at the table"; "I found myself vis-a-vis a burly policeman"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vis-a-vis(noun)

    one who, or that which, is face to face with another; esp., one who faces another in dancing

  2. Vis-a-vis(noun)

    a carriage in which two persons sit face to face. Also, a form of sofa with seats for two persons, so arranged that the occupants are face to face while sitting on opposite sides

  3. Vis-a-vis(adverb)

    face to face


  1. Vis-à-vis

    A vis-à-vis is a carriage in which the passengers sit face to face. The term comes from the French vis-à-vis, meaning face to face. These carriages are still commonly made by Amish carriage makers in the midwestern United States. Also in the Western world, the vis-a-vis is the most common type of carriage style used to cart tourists and leisure seekers in downtown urban settings.


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