Definitions for virileˈvɪr əl; esp. Brit. -aɪl

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vir•ileˈvɪr əl; esp. Brit. -aɪl(adj.)

  1. having or exhibiting masculine strength; masculine; manly.

    Category: Sexuality

  2. characterized by a vigorous, masculine spirit.

    Category: Sexuality

  3. pertaining to or characteristic of a man, esp. in a copulative function.

    Category: Sexuality

Origin of virile:

1480–90; < L virīlis manly =vir man (akin to OE wer man; see werewolf ) +-īlis -ile2

Princeton's WordNet

  1. virile(adj)

    characterized by energy and vigor

    "a virile and ever stronger free society"; "a new and virile leadership"

  2. male, manful, manlike, manly, virile(adj)

    characteristic of a man

    "a deep male voice"; "manly sports"

  3. potent, virile(adj)

    (of a male) capable of copulation


  1. virile(Adjective)

    Being manly; having characteristics associated with being male, such as strength; exhibiting masculine traits to an exaggerated degree such as strength, forcefulness or vigor.

  2. virile(Adjective)

    Pertaining to a grammatical gender used in plurals of some Slavic languages, corresponding to the personal masculine animate nouns.

  3. Origin: From virilis.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Virile(adj)

    having the nature, properties, or qualities, of an adult man; characteristic of developed manhood; hence, masterful; forceful; specifically, capable of begetting; -- opposed to womanly, feminine, and puerile; as, virile age, virile power, virile organs

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


having the qualities thought desirable in a man, ie strength, determination, courage etc

He is strong and manly.

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