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Princeton's WordNet

  1. viol(noun)

    any of a family of bowed stringed instruments that preceded the violin family


  1. viol(Noun)

    A viola da gamba, a family of musical instruments that preceded the violin and viola and similar string instruments

Webster Dictionary

  1. Viol(noun)

    a stringed musical instrument formerly in use, of the same form as the violin, but larger, and having six strings, to be struck with a bow, and the neck furnished with frets for stopping the strings

  2. Viol(noun)

    a large rope sometimes used in weighing anchor

  3. Origin: [F. viole; cf. Pr. viola, viula, Sp., Pg., & It. viola, LL. vitula; of uncertain origin; perhaps from L. vitulari to celebrate a festival, keep holiday, be joyful, perhaps originally, to sacrifice a calf (vitulus; cf. Veal). Cf. Fiddle, Vielle, 2d Viola, Violin.]


  1. Viol

    The viol or viola da gamba is any one of a family of bowed, fretted and stringed musical instruments developed in the mid-late 15th century and used primarily in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Music historians have traditionally related the viol family as descended primarily from the Renaissance vihuela, a plucked instrument that preceded the guitar. Viols are different in several respects from instruments of the violin family, most obviously in the instruments' flat rather than shaped backs.

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