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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vint•nerˈvɪnt nər(n.)

  1. a person who makes wine or sells wines.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

Origin of vintner:

1400–50; vint(e)ner < OF vinetier < ML vīnētārius= L vīnēt(um) vineyard (vīn(um)wine+-ētum; see arboretum ) +-ārius -ary

Princeton's WordNet

  1. vintner, wine merchant(noun)

    someone who sells wine

  2. vintner, winemaker, wine maker(noun)

    someone who makes wine


  1. vintner(Noun)

    A seller of wine

  2. vintner(Noun)

    A manufacturer of wine

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vintner(noun)

    one who deals in wine; a wine seller, or wine merchant


  1. Winemaker

    A winemaker or vintner is a person engaged in winemaking. They are generally employed by wineries or wine companies, where their work includes: Cooperating with viticulturists Monitoring the maturity of grapes to ensure their quality and to determine the correct time for harvest Crushing and pressing grapes Monitoring the settling of juice and the fermentation of grape material Filtering the wine to remove remaining solids Testing the quality of wine by tasting Placing filtered wine in casks or tanks for storage and maturation Preparing plans for bottling wine once it has matured Making sure that quality is maintained when the wine is bottled Today, these duties require an increasing amount of scientific knowledge, since laboratory tests are gradually supplementing or replacing traditional methods. Winemakers can also be referred to as oenologists as they study oenology – the science of wine.


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