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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vin•di•cateˈvɪn dɪˌkeɪt(v.t.)-cat•ed, -cat•ing.

  1. to clear, as from an accusation or suspicion:

    to vindicate someone's honor.

  2. to afford justification for; justify.

  3. to uphold or justify by argument or evidence.

  4. to maintain or defend against opposition.

  5. to claim for oneself or another.

  6. avenge.

  7. Obs. to free.

  8. Obs. to punish.

Origin of vindicate:

1525–35; < L vindicātus, ptp. of vindicāre to lay claim to, to claim as free, v. der. of vindex claimant, protector


Princeton's WordNet

  1. justify, vindicate(verb)

    show to be right by providing justification or proof

    "vindicate a claim"

  2. vindicate(verb)

    maintain, uphold, or defend

    "vindicate the rights of the citizens"

  3. vindicate(verb)

    clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof

    "You must vindicate yourself and fight this libel"


  1. vindicate(Verb)

    To clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism.

    to vindicate someone's honor

  2. vindicate(Verb)

    To justify by providing evidence.

    to vindicate a right, claim or title

  3. vindicate(Verb)

    To maintain or defend a cause against opposition.

    to vindicate the rights of labor movement in developing countries

  4. vindicate(Verb)

    To provide justification for.

    The violent history of the suspect vindicated the use of force by the police.

  5. vindicate(Verb)

    To lay claim to; to assert a right to; to claim.

  6. vindicate(Verb)

    To liberate; to set free; to deliver.

  7. vindicate(Verb)

    To avenge; to punish

    A war to vindicate infidelity.

  8. Origin: From vindicatus, perfect passive participle of vindico, from vim, accusative singular of vis, + dico.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vindicate(verb)

    to lay claim to; to assert a right to; to claim

  2. Vindicate(verb)

    to maintain or defend with success; to prove to be valid; to assert convincingly; to sustain against assault; as, to vindicate a right, claim, or title

  3. Vindicate(verb)

    to support or maintain as true or correct, against denial, censure, or objections; to defend; to justify

  4. Vindicate(verb)

    to maintain, as a law or a cause, by overthrowing enemies

  5. Vindicate(verb)

    to liberate; to set free; to deliver

  6. Vindicate(verb)

    to avenge; to punish; as, a war to vindicate or punish infidelity

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