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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vig•i•lantˈvɪdʒ ə lənt(adj.)

  1. keenly watchful to detect trouble; wary.

  2. ever awake and alert.

Origin of vigilant:

1470–80; < L vigilant-, s. of vigilāns, prp. of vigilāre to be watchful, der. of vigil; see vigil


Princeton's WordNet

  1. argus-eyed, open-eyed, vigilant, wakeful(adj)

    carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger

    "a policy of open-eyed awareness"; "the vigilant eye of the town watch"; "there was a watchful dignity in the room"; "a watchful parent with a toddler in tow"


  1. vigilant(Adjective)

    Watchful, especially for danger or disorder; alert; wary

    Be vigilant for signs of disease in your garden.

  2. Origin: From vigilant or its source, vigilans, present participle of vigilare, from vigil.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vigilant(adj)

    attentive to discover and avoid danger, or to provide for safety; wakeful; watchful; circumspect; wary


  1. Vigilant

    Vigilant is a science fiction novel written by the Canadian author James Alan Gardner, published in 1999 by HarperCollins Publishers under its various imprints. The book is the third volume in Gardner's "League of Peoples" series, after Expendable and Commitment Hour.

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