Definitions for vertebraˈvɜr tə brə; -ˌbri, -ˌbreɪ

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ver•te•braˈvɜr tə brə; -ˌbri, -ˌbreɪ(n.)(pl.)-brae; -bras.

  1. any of the bones or segments of the spinal column, consisting in higher vertebrates of a cylindrical body with two projections, forming an arch surrounding the spinal cord.

    Category: Anatomy, Zoology

    Ref: See also diag. at spinal column. art

Origin of vertebra:

1570–80; < L: (spinal) joint =verte(re) to turn (see verse ) +-bra n. suffix

Princeton's WordNet

  1. vertebra(noun)

    one of the bony segments of the spinal column


  1. vertebra(Noun)

    Any of the small bones which make up the backbone.

  2. Origin: From vertebra, from vertere, "to turn". Having multiple vertebrae (plural of vertebra) in one's backbone instead of having a single bone or solid spine, allows for the movement of the body with bends and turns. Hence meaning 1.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vertebra(noun)

    one of the serial segments of the spinal column

  2. Vertebra(noun)

    one of the central ossicles in each joint of the arms of an ophiuran

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any of the bones of the spine

She has a broken vertebra.

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