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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

verg•er*ˈvɜr dʒər(n.)

  1. a church official who serves as an attendant and caretaker.

    Category: Religion, British

  2. an official who carries the verge before a bishop, dean, or other dignitary.

    Category: British

* Chiefly Brit..

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. verger(noun)

    a church officer who takes care of the interior of the building and acts as an attendant (carries the verge) during ceremonies


  1. verger(Noun)

    A lay person who takes care of the interior of a church and acts as an attendant during services, where he or she carries the verge (or virge). An usher; in major ecclesiastical landmarks, a tour guide. In the United States, the office is generally combined with that of sexton.

    1857 u2018We have often seen each other,u2019 said Little Dorrit, recognising the sexton, or the beadle, or the verger, or whatever he was, u2018when I have been at church here.u2019 u2014 Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit, Book 1, Chapter 14.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Verger(noun)

    one who carries a verge, or emblem of office

  2. Verger(noun)

    an attendant upon a dignitary, as on a bishop, a dean, a justice, etc

  3. Verger(noun)

    the official who takes care of the interior of a church building

  4. Verger(noun)

    a garden or orchard


  1. Verger

    A verger is a person, usually a layperson, who assists in the ordering of religious services, particularly in Anglican churches.

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a garden or other area in which fruit trees are grown

a cherry orchard.

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