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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vergevɜrdʒ(n.; v.)verged, verg•ing.

  1. (n.)the limit beyond which something begins or occurs; brink:

    on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

  2. the edge or margin of something:

    the verge of a desert.

  3. a limiting belt, strip, or border of something.

  4. a strip of turf bordering a walk or roadway.

    Category: British

  5. the part of a sloping roof that projects beyond the gable wall.

    Category: Architecture

  6. a staff, esp. one carried as an emblem of authority or symbol of office of a bishop, dean, etc.

    Category: Religion

  7. a palletlike lever formerly used in inexpensive pendulum clocks.

    Category: Horology

  8. a wand held in the hand of a feudal tenant while swearing fealty to a lord.

    Category: Western History

  9. (v.i.)to be on the verge or margin; border:

    Our property verges on theirs.

  10. to come close to or approach some state, quality, etc.:

    a scientific mind verging on genius.

Origin of verge:

1350–1400; shaft, column, rod (hence jurisdiction symbolized by a steward's rod), ME: penis < MF: rod < L virga

vergevɜrdʒ(v.i.)verged, verg•ing.

  1. to incline; tend (usu. fol. by to or toward):

    The economy verges toward inflation.

  2. to slope or sink.

Origin of verge:

1600–10; < L vergere to turn, bend, be inclined

Princeton's WordNet

  1. brink, threshold, verge(noun)

    a region marking a boundary

  2. verge, brink(noun)

    the limit beyond which something happens or changes

    "on the verge of tears"; "on the brink of bankruptcy"

  3. scepter, sceptre, verge, wand(noun)

    a ceremonial or emblematic staff

  4. verge(verb)

    a grass border along a road

  5. verge(verb)

    border on; come close to

    "His behavior verges on the criminal"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. verge(verb)ɜrdʒ

    to almost be

    laughter verging on hysteria

  2. verge(noun)ɜrdʒ

    a border on the edge

    a car parked on the grass verge

  3. vergeɜrdʒ

    about to happen, exist, etc.

    a country on the verge of disaster; scientists on the verge of a discovery

Webster Dictionary

  1. Verge(noun)

    a rod or staff, carried as an emblem of authority; as, the verge, carried before a dean

  2. Verge(noun)

    the stick or wand with which persons were formerly admitted tenants, they holding it in the hand, and swearing fealty to the lord. Such tenants were called tenants by the verge

  3. Verge(noun)

    the compass of the court of Marshalsea and the Palace court, within which the lord steward and the marshal of the king's household had special jurisdiction; -- so called from the verge, or staff, which the marshal bore

  4. Verge(noun)

    a virgate; a yardland

  5. Verge(noun)

    a border, limit, or boundary of a space; an edge, margin, or brink of something definite in extent

  6. Verge(noun)

    a circumference; a circle; a ring

  7. Verge(noun)

    the shaft of a column, or a small ornamental shaft

  8. Verge(noun)

    the edge of the tiling projecting over the gable of a roof

  9. Verge(noun)

    the spindle of a watch balance, especially one with pallets, as in the old vertical escapement. See under Escapement

  10. Verge(noun)

    the edge or outside of a bed or border

  11. Verge(noun)

    a slip of grass adjoining gravel walks, and dividing them from the borders in a parterre

  12. Verge(noun)

    the penis

  13. Verge(noun)

    the external male organ of certain mollusks, worms, etc. See Illustration in Appendix

  14. Verge(verb)

    to border upon; to tend; to incline; to come near; to approach

  15. Verge(verb)

    to tend downward; to bend; to slope; as, a hill verges to the north

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the (grass) edging of a garden bed, a road etc

It's illegal to drive on the grass verge.

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