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  1. predicate, verb phrase(noun)

    one of the two main constituents of a sentence; the predicate contains the verb and its complements


  1. verb phrase(Noun)

    A construction in a clause consisting of a verb and its internal complements, objects, or modifiers.

  2. verb phrase(Noun)

    A phrase that functions syntactically as a verb, consisting of a main verb and any auxiliaries.


  1. Verb phrase

    In linguistics, a verb phrase or VP is a syntactic unit composed of at least one verb and the dependents of that verb – objects, complements and other modifiers, but not including the subject. Thus in the sentence A fat man put the jewels quickly in the box, the words put the jewels quickly in the box may be considered a verb phrase – this consists of the verb put and its dependents, but not its subject a fat man. A verb phrase is therefore similar to what is considered a predicate in some contexts. Verb phrases may be either finite or non-finite. While phrase structure grammars acknowledge both types of VP, dependency grammars reject the existence of a finite VP constituent. In this regard, the understanding of verb phrases can be dependent on which theory is being considered.


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